Faculty and Staff - Department of Civil Engineering


Name Email Local Job Title
Michael Hulley Michael.hulley@rmc.ca 6393, 6394 Department Head, Associate Professor
Michel Tétreault tetreault-m@rmc.ca 6350 Deputy Department Head, Assistant Professor
George Akhras akhras-g@rmc.ca 6388 Professor
RIchard Bathurst bathurst-r@rmc.ca 6479 Professor
Pat Heffernan Pat.Heffernan@rmc.ca 6025 Professor, VP, DGSR
Greg Siemens Greg.Siemens@rmc.ca 6396 Professor
Gordon Wight wight-g@rmc.ca 6604 Professor
Djaouida Chenaf chenaf-d@rmc.ca 6603 Associate Professor
Nicholas Vlachopoulos vlachopoulos-n@rmc.ca 6398 Associate Professor
Raji Al-Ani Raji.Al-Ani@rmc-cmr.ca 6600 Assistant Professor
Ryley Beddoe Ryley.Beddoe@rmc.ca 6162 Assistant Professor
Nasr-Eddine Bencharif Nasr-Eddine.Bencharif@rmc.ca 3698 Assistant Professor
Marc-Andre Dagenais Marc-Andre.Dagenais@rmc.ca 6044 Assistant Professor
Philippe Lamarche Philippe.Lamarche@rmc.ca 6395 Assistant Professor
Fodhil Kassimi Fodhil.Kassimi@rmc.ca 6471 Assistant Professor
Matthew Beirnes Matthew.Beirnes@rmc.ca 6387 Lecturer
Stephen Holt Stephen.Holt@rmc.ca 6389 Lecturer
Scott Fraser Scott.Fraser@rmc.ca 6602 Lecturer
Cheng Shyu shyu-c@rmc.ca 6600 Lecturer
Sean Watt Sean.Watt@rmc.ca 6344 Lecturer
Marie-Anne Erki erki-m@rmc.ca   Emeritus Professor
Allen Stewart stewart-j@rmc.ca   Emeritus Professor

Administrative and Technical Staff

Name Email Local Job Title
Danielle Grondin grondin-d@rmc.ca 6391 Department Administrative Assistant
John Shaw John.Shaw@rmc.ca 6375 Technical Officer
Larry Harvey harvey-l@rmc.ca 6358 Technologist
Kristine Mattson Kristine.Mattson@rmc.ca 6184 Technologist
Steve VanVolkingburgh vanvolkingburgh-s@rmc.ca 6803 Technologist
Adam Watson Adam.Watson@rmc.ca 6704 Technologist
Dexter Gaskin Dexter.Gaskin@rmc.ca 6383 Technician
Jo-Anne Doucette doucette-j@rmc.ca 6726 Research Administrative Assistant
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