About Public Affairs and Strategic Communications

Welcome to the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC) Public Affairs and Strategic Communications page.

These offices, including dedicated in-house imagery capabilities, provide support to RMC leadership, operations, research and public activities by promoting understanding and awareness of what RMC is all about as a national institution.

They promote that understanding globally among the scholarly community, given RMC’s military university mission to educate, develop, and inspire bilingual, fit, and ethical leaders at undergraduate and graduate levels to serve the Canadian Armed Forces and Canada.

They provide public affairs and strategic communications advice; plan and develop engaging, high-quality content across a variety of platforms in coordination with RMC’s Liaison Team, Registrar, Training Wing and Academic Wing.

The campus of RMC seen from Fort Henry hills at the dawn of a crispy cold and windy day of early February 2021.
MILSKILL:  An imagery technician accompanies officer cadets taking part in a military skills completion on the university campus.
Salute: Naval and Officer Cadets at attention on a parade square.
Vigil: Officer cadets hold a vigil at night in front of RMC’s clock tower on the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women.
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