Royal Military College of Canada represents Canada in the annual Sandhurst competition


Military academies from around the world send their officer cadets to the United States Army’s West Point military academy to compete in the annual Sandhurst competition.

The Sandhurst competition test cadet’s military skills, physical endurance, and team work as they work to conquer a variety of obstacles. Through out the two day event they must demonstrate their proficiency in weapons handling, marksmanship, swimming, first aid, problem solving, and leadership.

According to the United States Military Academy, the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS) presented USMA with a British Officer’s sword intended to be the prize for a competition that promotes military excellence amongst Cadets. The original mission statement reads, “To provide the Corps of Cadets with a challenging and rewarding regimental skills competition, which will enhance professional development and military excellence in selected Soldier skills.”

To be a member of the prestigious team, officer cadets at RMC must pass a grueling selection process held at the beginning of the school year. From there they must train everyday in order to build both their skills and cohesion. Every member on the team has earned there position as even returning members have to pass selection to be eligible to compete.

RMC has an exemplary history concerning the competition they have won multiple times beating out upwards of 49 teams.

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