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Kingston Pride Parade

RMC students, staff and friends walk in Kingston's 29th Annual Pride Parade

RMC participates in the 29th annual Kingston Pride parade! This year RMC, in conjunction with AGORA, the LGBTQ+ support group on campus, participated in the 2018 Kingston Pride Parade. Pride Parades are functions held in commemoration of the 1969 Stonewall Riots, and celebrate the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Intersex (LGBTQ+) community.

ALOY Completion Ceremony 2018

Commander Canadian Army Lieutenant-General Wynnyk inspects ALOY cadets during their completion ceremony

Congratulations to all of our ALOY officer cadets on completing the 2017-2018 Program! The Aboriginal Leadership Opportunity Year (ALOY) completion marks the end of the year-long program focused on developing leaders for Indigenous communities and the Canadian Armed Forces. The program offers Indigenous youth the opportunity to strengthen their leadership and military skills, academic education, physical fitness, and cultural awareness. The year culminates in a 107-kilometre canoe trek down the Rideau Canal, a final exercise to test the leadership skills the cadets have developed during the program.

Artillery environmental preparatory training (EPT) week 2018

Group of RMC officer cadets learning to use equipement they will need for their Artilery career courses

During the Artillery environmental preparatory training (EPT) week 2018, our Officer Cadets were preparing for their career courses being conducted this summer at the Royal Canadian Artillery School (RCAS) at CFB Gagetown. They also had the opportunity to visit to parliament hosted by Lieutenant-General Andrew Leslie (retd) and enjoy some yoga - good for the body, mind and soul.

RMC Graduation 2018

Portrait Image of Naval Cadet Omand

With only two days until RMC graduation events commence, today, we present to you, Naval Cadet Omand, our current Cadet Wing Commander. This position is the highest leadership position an officer cadet can hold at RMC! During his time at the College he has travelled all over Canada, spent a semester on exchange with the United States Airforce, competed in international military skills competitions in Mexico and the United States, and made incredible friendships, all while earning his degree. Naval Cadet Omand / Barrhaven, Ont. / Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Business Administration / Naval Warfare Officer. "In my four years at RMC, I've learned a lot about myself, and what it means to be a leader. It’s not always easy or fun, but it’s worth it. Photo by: Adam Dargavel, CFB Kingston Base Photo and Christopher Boucher, RMC Graphic Designer

RMC Graduation 2018

Portrait Image of Captain Shust

Captain Shust is an ex-cadet who graduated from RMC in 2011. He has chosen to return and is now one of 61 members who will be receiving their graduate degrees at convocation in just three days! Captain Shust / Shoal Lake, Man. / Master of Applied Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering / Signals Officer. “Returning to RMC has allowed me to continue my education and further develop my skill set. The opportunities to learn and improve as an officer in the Canadian Armed Forces continue throughout your career.” Photo by: Adam Dargavel, CFB Kingston Base Photo and Christopher Boucher, RMC Graphic Designer

RMC Graduation 2018

Portrait Image of Offcier Cadet Dillman

Today we present Officer Cadet Dillman, Logistics Officer in the Canadian Army! Officer Cadet Dillman / Vancouver, B.C. / Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration / Logistics Officer. “RMC has taught me to be humble, be bold, and never stop learning from myself, my peers, and my superiors.” Photo by: Adam Dargavel, CFB Kingston Base Photo and RMC Graphic Designer, Christopher Boucher

RMC Graduation 2018

Portrait Image of Lieutenant Clarke

Lt (N) Clarke will be receiving his Master’s Degree from RMC this Thursday! He received his undergraduate degree in 2004 from the University of Calgary (Bachelor of Science in Engineering) and plans to pursue Doctoral Studies at RMC this Fall. Lieutenant (N) Clarke / Calgary, AB / Master of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering / Naval Combat Systems Engineering Officer. "The individual attention from engaged supervisors you have at RMC fosters academic excellence.” Photo by: Adam Dargavel, CFB Kingston Base Photo RMC Graphic Designer: Christopher Boucher

RMC Graduation 2018

Portrait Image of Offcier Cadet Beaulieu

Today we present Officer Cadet Beaulieu, who will be joining 408 Tactical Helicopter Squadron following graduation! Officer Cadet Beaulieu / Dégelis, Que. / Bachelor of Engineering (Aeronautical) / Pilot. “By enabling me to become bilingual, physically fit and well-educated, RMC has prepared me well for my career in the Canadian Armed Forces.” Photo: Adam Dargavel, CFB Kingston Base Photo RMC Graphic Designer: Christopher Boucher

RMC Graduation 2018

Portrait Image of Offcier Cadet Mercier

Today, we present Officer Cadet Mercier. She is our current Deputy Cadet Wing Commander. This is the second highest leadership position an officer cadet can hold at RMC. Following graduation, Officer Cadet Mercier will be continuing her training at CFB Gagetown! Officer Cadet Mercier / Kapuskasing, Ont. / Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) / Engineering Officer. “RMC has given me unique opportunities to develop and challenge myself physically, academically and as a leader. I’m proud of what I have accomplished and thankful to have been surrounded by other likeminded individuals.” Photo by: Adam Dargavel, CFB Kingston Base Photo RMC Graphic Designer: Christopher Boucher

RMC Graduation 2018

Portrait Image of Naval Cadet Cole

With only one week until RMC graduation events, remember to check our "events" tab for all details and timings! Today, we present Naval Cadet Cole with a note on his time here at the College. Naval Cadet Cole / Naramata, B.C. / Bachelor of Arts in History / Naval Warfare Officer. "The past 4 years at RMC have provided me the opportunity to learn about different leadership styles. This has allowed me to better understand the type of leader I want to be.” Photo by: Adam Dargavel, CFB Kingston Base Photo RMC Graphic Designer: Christopher Boucher

RMC Graduation 2018

Portrait Image of Offcier Cadet Han

Today we present Officer Cadet Han who will be heading to Petawawa after an exciting 4 years at RMC! Officer Cadet Han / Coquitlam, BC / Bachelor of Art’s (Honours) in Business Administration / Health Care Administration Officer. “Take all the opportunities given here at RMC and you will have a memorable four years. I joined the Highland Dance Team which gave me the chance to go to the United States Military Academy and the Naval Academy for weekend exchanges. I also performed for the Governor General’s Tattoo. Lastly, I was lucky enough to be chosen for the Battlefield Tour this year which was an unforgettable and life changing experience. It is what you make of it, so join clubs, make friends, and enjoy the four years. It’ll fly by.” Photo by: Adam Dargavel, CFB Kingston Base Photo RMC Graphic Designer: Christopher Boucher

RMC Graduation 2018

Portrait Image of Offcier Cadet Harding

With only 9 days until RMC graduation events commence, we present Officer Cadet Harding with a note on his time here at the College! Officer Cadet Harding / Bedford, N.S. / Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) / Infantry Officer. “Attending RMC is such a rewarding experience with unique opportunities and challenges, which were central to my growth over the past four years.”

RMC Graduation 2018

Portrait Image of Offcier Cadet Roy

We are now 14 days away from the RMC Commissioning Parade! The commissioning parade is the formal presentation of an officer’s commission in the Canadian Armed Forces in the name of Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. Upon completion of the parade, Officer and Naval Cadets will ‘March through the Arch’ signifying the conclusion of their time in the Cadet Wing at RMC. Today, we present Officer Cadet Roy with a note on his time here at RMC. Officer Cadet Roy / Québec, Que. / Bachelor of Arts in History / Infantry Officer. “At the Royal Military College of Canada, I have become friends with exceptional people; the solidarity and fellowship that unite us, are limitless.”

RMC 411 Article

Photo of Officer Cadet Lauren Froats interacting with another officer cadet in the Campus library

A great article in Maclean's about life on campus at RMC written by Officer Cadet Lauren Froats!

RMC Graduation 2018

Portrait Image of Offcier Cadet Faucher

It is officially May and we are 17 days from the RMC Convocation Ceremony! On Thursday, May 17th at 1 p.m. over 300 graduating students will be presented their bachelor, master and doctoral degrees and it will be broadcasted live on the RMC website. Links and information will be posted on our social media so you don’t miss it! Until then, over the next few weeks, we will introduce you to the some of our amazing RMC graduates! Today, we present to you, OCdt Faucher who offers some advice to those just starting out at RMC. Officer Cadet Faucher / Winnipeg, Man. / Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Business Administration / Logistics Officer. “There are so many great opportunities at RMC that lead to lasting friendships and world travel. So, join a club, play sports, and try something that you have never done before.”

RMC and United Way 2017

Rick Melanson and Col Bernier recieve 3 awards on behalf of RMC from the United Way representatives

RMC was recently honoured by the Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington United Way at their appreciation luncheon for our outstanding contribution to the community! Col Bernier, Deputy Commandant of RMC, who spoke on behalf of RMC, attributed our success to “the outstanding effort and creativity of all our staff, faculty and students at the College. We are very proud to say that much of our success came from the generosity of our officer cadets, who are responsible for almost half of the approximate $ 65,000 raised this year.” This year, RMC was awarded the Sandstone Achievement Award, the Sapphire Britton Smith Foundation Award, and a Most Improved Award.

Air force MOC weekend

During the day of April 8, 2018, we participated in a weekend activity that consisted of familiarizing ourselves with the element we belong to. During the morning we were able to visit aircraft that were located in the hangars at the Trenton base. In the afternoon, we had meetings regarding our future careers. We received information about the different training to come. This allowed us to learn more about the Royal Canadian Air Force. This day was organized by the Trenton Wing, we are greatly thankful for the experience!

Navy MOC Weekend

The MOC weekend that took place on the 7 April 2018, was an exciting time for Officer Cadets and Naval Cadets to learn more about their trade and future as a commissioned officer in the Canadian Armed Forces. For the Naval Cadets, the MOC weekend actually kicked off Friday night with weepers (meet and greet) at HMCS Cataraqui. It was an amazing opportunity to informally meet and talk with officers from all different backgrounds and ranks ranging from A/SLt to Cmdre. The next morning all naval cadets attended many different exciting briefings in Currie Hall. Amongst the briefings, there was a briefing about different operations around the world that are taking place as well as the current fleet and its future given by Cmdre. Steve Waddell. There was also information about Maritime Tactical Operation Group (MTOG) given by its commander LCdr William Lund. A briefing about OP Regulus and the amazing opportunities two young officers got to experience and even a briefing on what happens for the first year after graduation given by an A/slt who had just graduated last year. After lunch, the cadets split into their respective trades and got to learn about the training that takes place. They also learned what kind of jobs they might have to do on the ship once training is finished. The day finished with everyone together again and having some end remarks transitioning into informal one on one question period. Overall it was a good day filled with exciting stories and experience and left cadets eager to have some of their own experiences in the future. Written by OCdt Patel

RMC take 2nd place at Sandhurst 2018

The RMC Sandhurst twam of officer cadets group photo after finishing second place in the competition

The Royal Military College of Canada (RMC) took home 2nd place overall and was the 1st place international team in the Sandhurst Military Skills Competition, achieving the gold standard! Congratulations to the Sandhurst team! The historic competition, dating back to 1967, took place at the United States Military Academy of West Point and was comprised of 64 teams, including teams from prestigious military academies all over the world. The two day long gruelling competition tested our officer cadet’s physical and mental abilities in a variety of ways, such as navigation across difficult terrain, rifle and pistol marksmanship, night operations, combat first aid, ruck running, and leadership challenges. Led by the team captain, Officer Cadet Adam Welsh and Second in Command, Officer Cadet Gavin Omand, Team Canada was a fierce competitor right from the start. RMC’s team has trained all year, morning and night, for this competition. With the help of their amazing staff: Captain Nicholas Payne, Sergeant Chad Monaghan, and trainer Tomasz Deren, they were able to go into the competition with confidence. RMC gave it everything they had, and were happy to have finished knowing they had pushed to their limits. Representing Canada on an international stage is no small feat, but these 11 officer cadets succeeded and by the end of the week were incredibly proud to call themselves Canadian. - OCdt Perigo

RMC at Sandhurst 2018

Group photo of Team RMC representing Canada in West Point, New York

RMC representing the Canadian Armed Forces and Canada at a Military competition in the U.S.! Military academies from around the world are participating in the Sandhurst Military Skills Competition held at West Point - The U.S. Military Academy, in New York this weekend. Go RMC! Go Canada!

Jersey Day at RMC

Members of the RMC community gather aound the statue of Brucie wearing Jerseys in support of the Broncos Jersey Day

Our hearts and thoughts are with the community of Humboldt, SK. For those who would like to offer monetary support to the players and families affected, you may donate to the GoFundMe page: For those at RMC who would like us to share your photos today, please send them via private message. #HumboldtStrong #JerseysForHumboldt Canadian Armed Forces Forces armées canadiennes

Army MOC weekend 2018

During MOC weekend, the officer cadets from RMC in the army element got the unique opportunity to glimpse into the future of their career path. Starting on the evening of the 6th of April, Friday night, MOC weekend for the army officer cadets was kicked off by a meet and greet in the RMCC mess with distinguished guests from all over the army element. Early on the following Saturday morning, the officer cadets got bussed up to CFB Kingston for a series of presentations by several important figures of the Canadian Army on the topic of today’s Canadian Army. These individuals included Major-General Turenne, the Deputy Commander of the Canadian army; Chief Warrant Officer Tofts of the Army Doctrine and Training Centre; and Colonel Errington, the Commander of the Combat Training Centre. What was most importantly learned that morning was an insightful look into Canada’s army of today. In the afternoon, after returning to the RMCC campus, the army element officer cadets were split up into MOC groups where members from their trade group would present information on what to expect for their given future roles. Overall, MOC weekend was an enriching experience for every moment that it was. By OCdt Tsui

The 2018 Concert in Scarlets

On March 24th, the RMCC Band showcased its talents at the annual Concert in Scarlets. Even before the day of the event, all sections, Brass and Reed, Choir, Drums, Highland Dance, Pipes, and String Quartet all worked incredibly hard to prepare. All of these efforts came to fruition that afternoon. The Brass and Reed offered a fantastic rendition of the Phantom of the Opera, the Choir performed admirably with a four-part harmony of Go the Distance, and the String Quartet offered a brilliant performance of the Emperor. From the Highland side of the Band, the Pipes showed their skills with the Battle of the Somme, the Drummers displayed their exceptional Drum Salute, and the Dancers gave their all with their performance of the Scottish Broadswords. This event gave the RMCC Band the opportunity to showcase their talents to the community, and College attendance was rewarded with points towards the Commandant's Cup. All in all, it was a fantastic afternoon of memorable music, and great effort was given by all. Written by Sean Stevens

RMC Bike-A-thon

Bike-A-thon is a fundraiser event for “Soldier On” which is performed at the Royal Military College almost every year. Each squadron fundraises and also bikes overnight to gain the furthest distance. The squadron that bikes the furthest distance and shows the most squadron pride earns points towards the Commandant’s Cup. The donations give points towards the final ranking for the event as well. The event took place at the New Gym on 16 March 1900hrs - 17 March 1000hrs. The final results including overall distance, squadron spirit, donations, and final sprint enthusiasm, 11 squadron came in 3rd place, 3 squadron in 2nd place, and 10 squadron in 1st place. A total of $2,130.75 was fundraised during the 2018 RMC Bike-A-Thon. Throughout the 15 hours, all squadrons showed great effort and squadron spirit. Overall, the event was a success. Written by OCdt Choi

Drill competition

On March 3, cadets from the Royal Military College of Canada were on the parade square to compete in the annual drill competition. Drill is important because it is the basic form for moving troops in unison from one point to another. This is mainly used for military ceremonies, however, its purpose is to instill discipline within the troops. 11 Squadron finished first followed by 8 Squadron and 1 Squadron.


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