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RMC at Sandhurst 2018

Group photo of Team RMC representing Canada in West Point, New York

RMC representing the Canadian Armed Forces and Canada at a Military competition in the U.S.! Military academies from around the world are participating in the Sandhurst Military Skills Competition held at West Point - The U.S. Military Academy, in New York this weekend. Go RMC! Go Canada!

Jersey Day at RMC

Members of the RMC community gather aound the statue of Brucie wearing Jerseys in support of the Broncos Jersey Day

Our hearts and thoughts are with the community of Humboldt, SK. For those who would like to offer monetary support to the players and families affected, you may donate to the GoFundMe page: For those at RMC who would like us to share your photos today, please send them via private message. #HumboldtStrong #JerseysForHumboldt Canadian Armed Forces Forces armées canadiennes

Army MOC weekend 2018

During MOC weekend, the officer cadets from RMC in the army element got the unique opportunity to glimpse into the future of their career path. Starting on the evening of the 6th of April, Friday night, MOC weekend for the army officer cadets was kicked off by a meet and greet in the RMCC mess with distinguished guests from all over the army element. Early on the following Saturday morning, the officer cadets got bussed up to CFB Kingston for a series of presentations by several important figures of the Canadian Army on the topic of today’s Canadian Army. These individuals included Major-General Turenne, the Deputy Commander of the Canadian army; Chief Warrant Officer Tofts of the Army Doctrine and Training Centre; and Colonel Errington, the Commander of the Combat Training Centre. What was most importantly learned that morning was an insightful look into Canada’s army of today. In the afternoon, after returning to the RMCC campus, the army element officer cadets were split up into MOC groups where members from their trade group would present information on what to expect for their given future roles. Overall, MOC weekend was an enriching experience for every moment that it was. By OCdt Tsui

The 2018 Concert in Scarlets

On March 24th, the RMCC Band showcased its talents at the annual Concert in Scarlets. Even before the day of the event, all sections, Brass and Reed, Choir, Drums, Highland Dance, Pipes, and String Quartet all worked incredibly hard to prepare. All of these efforts came to fruition that afternoon. The Brass and Reed offered a fantastic rendition of the Phantom of the Opera, the Choir performed admirably with a four-part harmony of Go the Distance, and the String Quartet offered a brilliant performance of the Emperor. From the Highland side of the Band, the Pipes showed their skills with the Battle of the Somme, the Drummers displayed their exceptional Drum Salute, and the Dancers gave their all with their performance of the Scottish Broadswords. This event gave the RMCC Band the opportunity to showcase their talents to the community, and College attendance was rewarded with points towards the Commandant's Cup. All in all, it was a fantastic afternoon of memorable music, and great effort was given by all. Written by Sean Stevens

RMC Bike-A-thon

Bike-A-thon is a fundraiser event for “Soldier On” which is performed at the Royal Military College almost every year. Each squadron fundraises and also bikes overnight to gain the furthest distance. The squadron that bikes the furthest distance and shows the most squadron pride earns points towards the Commandant’s Cup. The donations give points towards the final ranking for the event as well. The event took place at the New Gym on 16 March 1900hrs - 17 March 1000hrs. The final results including overall distance, squadron spirit, donations, and final sprint enthusiasm, 11 squadron came in 3rd place, 3 squadron in 2nd place, and 10 squadron in 1st place. A total of $2,130.75 was fundraised during the 2018 RMC Bike-A-Thon. Throughout the 15 hours, all squadrons showed great effort and squadron spirit. Overall, the event was a success. Written by OCdt Choi

Drill competition

On March 3, cadets from the Royal Military College of Canada were on the parade square to compete in the annual drill competition. Drill is important because it is the basic form for moving troops in unison from one point to another. This is mainly used for military ceremonies, however, its purpose is to instill discipline within the troops. 11 Squadron finished first followed by 8 Squadron and 1 Squadron.

Battlefield Tour 2018

A few days after returning from the battlefield tour, the experience still seems surreal. For a week, we visited the battlefields of the Great War and World War II where Canadians served, fought and fell in the territories of Pas-de-Calais, Normandy and Ypres. Through the words of our teachers and the view of the landscape, we were able to visualize what Canadians had to face on the various battlefields, allowing us to move on to a higher level of understanding and admiration for what young Canadians have had to face. In addition, several Canadian, French, German and Commonwealth cemeteries were visited, which made true the magnitude of the costs that the war had on these generations of the first half of the 20th century. It was a very emotional week, filled with joy, sadness, anger and misunderstanding at times. The joy of knowing that Canadians have served with honor, courage and dedication in conflicts that may have seemed far away from home. The sadness of seeing the costs of the war through thousands of cemeteries brimming with crosses and gravestones. The anger and misunderstanding to hear how some officer decisions have led to tragic stories like the Dieppe Raid. Nevertheless, it was a sensational experience that allowed us to cast a great deal of reality on everything we had read, seen and studied before. Moving forward, we have a greater understanding of the impact we could have on the lives of Canadians when we are in command. A small stone from Dieppe Beach in the corner of my office will always serve as a reminder of the importance of doing our job well and taking into account the concerns of our colleagues. Thank you to the RMC Foundation for providing us with this unique opportunity that, for me, has profoundly changed me. Written by Ocdt Guérard

RMC Ice Climbing Trip

From March 3rd to 4th, 10 officer cadets from the RMC Climbing Club travelled to Bracebridge, Ontario for a weekend Ice Climbing trip. Following a few unseasonably warm weeks, the club lucked out with sunny and cool weather that made for beautiful climbing conditions. After meeting up with the climbing guides, a quick lesson, and at least a few falls, the officer cadets quickly gained confidence in the new tools and skills which made for quite an exciting day. A few of the climbers tried out the more difficult rock/ice mixed form of climbing which takes aspects from each discipline and makes for a surprisingly difficult form of climbing. This trip would not have been possible had it not been for the help of the help of the Military College Foundation and the club would like to graciously thank them for the wonderful opportunity. Written by Evan Courtis

Thirty-third annual International Simulation Conference of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization

From February 15 to 18, 2018, six delegates and a bailiff were fortunate enough to represent the United Kingdom at the thirty-third annual International Simulation Conference of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization held at Howard, Washington, DC. In addition to receiving the honor of distinguished delegation, members of the Royal Military College of Canada demonstrated a high level of negotiation and cooperation by winning awards in each of the six committees. Without a doubt, this experience of international crises was very enriching for the participants. It is necessary to thank the United Kingdom Embassy in Washington for hosting the participants as well as the Military College Foundation for this unique experience that would have been impossible without them. Written by Ocdt Pageot

Kingston Canadian Film Festival - Clearing the Way:Combat Engineers in Kandahar

On Sunday, March 4, Major Andy Belyea, Assistant Professor at RMC and Afghan War veteran, will introduce the documentary, "Clearing the Way": Combat Engineers in Kandahar, at the Kingston Canadian Film Festival. The documentary is based on the book of the same name by Col. Mark Gasparotto (Ret'd), and tells the story of 23 Field Squadron, Canadian Combat Engineers from August 2006 to February 2007 who were a part of the 1 RCR Battle Group in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan. Several members of 23 Field Squadron who participated in the film are expected to attend both screenings and the Q&A following the screenings Saturday & Sunday. Director, Paul Culliton and members of the film crew will also attend the Sunday screening & Q&A. What: "Clearing the Way”: Combat Engineers in Afghanistan Where: Isabel Bader Screening Room, Isabel Bader Center for the Performing Arts. When: Sunday, March 4, at 9:30 a.m. For more information contact, Marc Garniss, Festival Director : Or: Paul Culliton, Producer-Director, Joint Media Group:

Flag Day and RMC

RMC officer cadets on the parade square with the Canadian Flag on the tower

Did You Know? In 1964, Dr. George Stanley, the Dean of Arts at the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC) created the design for what is still our National Flag! The Great Flag Debate began early in 1963 when Prime Minister Lester Pearson was elected. The conversation was officially raised in the House of Commons in June of 1964. At this time there were three designs up for debate. One of these designs was brought forward by Liberal MP John Matheson. Matheson’s design was created by Matheson’s friend Dr. George Stanley, the dean of arts at RMC. The new Canadian flag would closely resemble the RMC Pennant (a white center bordered by two vertical red stripes and the RMC coat of arms in the center)- but instead of the RMC coat of arms there would be a single red maple leaf in the center. The design was considered very elegant and free of any controversial references that were found in both the Red Ensign and the Pearson Pennant. On the 15th of December 1964 Stanley’s Design was officially approved. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II approved the design in January of 1965 and the official flag was flown across Canada on February 15th 1965. On the first Flag Day at RMC all of the officer cadets, and military staff formed on the parade square to witness the raising of the flag. Air Commodore Leonard Birchall, Commandant of RMC, read the Act of Parliament proclaiming Stanley’s design as Canada’s National Flag. The Red Ensign was lowered from the mast for the last time to the sounding of a bugle. At the second sound of the bugle, the new national flag of Canada was raised across the country for the first time.

Did you know: RMC facts

DYK: 1 Squadron – Hudson is named after Henry Hudson, English explorer and navigator in the early 17th century, known for exploring and mapping present-day Canada, having a significant influence on the fur-trade. He is the namesake of the Hudson’s Bay Company.

Women in International Security - Queen's Social

WIIS Queens annual social poster

Women in International Security - Queen's will be holding its Second Annual Social at the Grizzly Grill on Thursday February 15th from 5:00 to 8:00 pm. Enjoy a bite to eat on us and mingle with students, professors, military personnel, and others in the Kingston community who are passionate about international peace and security! We would also like to thank the event sponsor, Knezy Mourawed LLP.

Kingston Climbing Competition

On Feb. 4th, there was an annual climbing competition hosted by the Boiler Room (Climbing gym). There were two teams: beginner and intermediate which was also divided into men and women categories. From our RMC team, Christophe Nguyen placed 2nd in men's beginner level and Normand placed 8th out of 34 men competing for the intermediate level! It was an exciting experience to meet other climbers in Kingston as well as to be challenged by them. The climbing club will compete again next year and train hard for the next challenges to come! Written by Hanna Baik

College Success Centre

officer cadets and staff at the grad opening of the success centre

This week RMC held the grand opening of our College Success Centre! Many sections of the College as well as a number of Defence Team partners were set up in Massey Library to provide all at RMC information regarding the services they have available through the Centre. The RMC College Success Centre was developed to enhance the quality of life on campus for students, faculty, and staff. The Centre is a one-stop shop where people can come for academic help, meet with a financial planner, discuss healthier eating and access other programs and services personalized to individual needs.

Truth Duty Valour - New RMC App

App poster - INTRODUCING the RMC Mobile App: Truth Duty Valour / “What you need to know, who to talk to, and where to go.”

Did you know? RMC now has a mobile App! “Truth Duty Valour” This is a great resource for students, faculty, staff, and anyone who wants to learn more about the Royal Military College of Canada. It's a free download! Find it in the App Store or Google Play today! (Android and iOS)

OUA men’s fencing championship

On the weekend of the 3rd and 4th of February 2018, the Royal Military College of Canada hosted the OUA men’s fencing championship. Universities from all over the province of Ontario meet to compete for the 2017-2018 season banner. The tournament is divided into two categories. On the Saturday, the four best fencers from all three weapons (epee, foil and sabre) from each university compete individually in a direct elimination style competition. On the Sunday, it’s the team competition where teams each university sends a team to compete in the same fashion as the individual portion. Points are given based on the final ranking of all the fencers that finish in the top 16 individually and in the top eight in teams. Here are the final rankings for the 2017-2018 men’s fencing OUA: Carleton University came in third, Royal Military College of Canada came in second and University of Toronto came in first. Written by Gerson Zamor

College Success Centre Grand Opening

Need a tutor? Looking for information on how to invest, save or set a budget? Want some more resources to work on your second language? Have questions and you’re not sure who you should ask? Welcome to the College Success Centre! The College Success Centre will be conducting an open house 08 Feb 18 from 0830 to 1600, and 09 Feb 18 from 0800 to 1500, on the First Floor of the Massey Library. This event is open to all cadets, students, staff, and faculty.

Ontario men's curling regional championships

The RMC men's curling team represented CFB Kingston from the 20th to 24th of January. As the hosts of the Ontario regional championships they won enough games during the round robin to enter the playdowns before being knocked out by the overall winner: North Bay.

Bell Let's Talk at RMC

Be part of the conversation. Together, we can break down the barriers to mental health care. #BellLetsTalk #StartTheConversation ‪#‎CAFLetsTalk

The CMRSJ Broomball tournament

The CMRSJ Broomball tournament was a great experience for everybody that participated. The tournament started on the evening of Friday the 26th of January and ran through the weekend, with the finals being held on the afternoon of Sunday the 28th. The tournament allowed for both experienced players, and players trying out broomball for the first time. The sport can be difficult to learn but it is lots of fun. One of the best aspects of the tournament is its level of competitiveness. Even between inexperienced teams, it is obvious that both teams want to win, regardless of who is playing. For the weekend, All RMC students slept in the C-16 drill hall on cots, allowing teams to stay together in between the games. Each year has been very well organized, making It lots of fun for the cadets and other military members involved. Written by Cole Davis

Bell Let's Talk at RMC

Bell Cause pour la couse avec image

As part of #BellLetsTalk Day, there will be a panel discussion on the topic of Mental Health and Stigma. All at RMC are invited to observe to this discussion as its livestreamed, at noon, Today in the Leadership Library, room 201 in the Massey Library. If you have time over lunch, please join us, bring your lunch and let’s #StartTheConversation ‪#CAFLetsTalk. Panelists include Bell Let’s Talk ambassador and retired Royal Canadian Navy diver Bruno Guévremont; the Director of Mental Health for the Canadian Armed Forces, Colonel Colleen Forestier; Master Warrant Officer Shelley Lamothe; Commodore Chris Sutherland; and Natasha Khattar, Senior Manager, Total Health Management, ADM(HR-Civ).

Ontario Engineering Contest

RMC cadets at the Ontario Engineering Contest

I am writing to inform you about the results of the Ontario Engineering Contest in which RMC took part. The Junior and Senior design teams both approached this challenge with tremendous effort. Although neither team placed in the top three, the teams still received commendation and praise from the judges for their ingenuity and unique approaches. Overall, the competition was a great opportunity to interact with the university level engineering community and learn from each other. We are very thankful for this opportunity made available to us through the faculty of engineering at RMC. We aspire to learn from our first competition and perform even better next year. Written by Yu Jie Wang

Exchange at Westpoint

Cadets du CMR et membres du staff de Westpoint

On Thursday, January 18th, selected Officer Cadets from the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC) set out by bus for the United States Military Academy (USMA) at West Point to continue the yearly tradition of exchanging students for a weekend. While RMC hosted members of several of West Point’s sports teams and held the much-anticipated annual hockey game, our students travelled south to experience the culture of our neighbouring allies and learn more about their prestigious institution. Upon arrival, we were warmly greeted by our USMA cadet hosts, who welcomed us to their college before taking us to their meal hall. The next day, we followed our new American friends through their daily routines and attending classes with them to get a better understanding of life at West Point before having time off at the end of the day to further explore the campus. On Saturday after morning PT, staff and senior cadets gave us a more in-depth walking tour of the grounds and West Point’s academic facilities, chapel and stores, before watching an exciting game of basketball where their team was successful in a close match against Lehigh University. After an exciting and activity-filled weekend, we said goodbye to our hosts and boarded the bus, great memories fresh in our minds of the good times we’d had and the friendships we’d formed as we drove away back to Kingston. - Written by OCdt Watson

82nd Annual West Point vs RMC Hockey Game

Both teams and the college staff

The 82nd Annual West Point vs RMC Hockey Game occurred last night at the Rogers K-Rock Centre in downtown Kingston, Ontario. The victory went to the Black Knights of West Point over the RMC Paladins 5-0. Given the defeat of the Paladins, the commandant of RMC, Brigadier General S. Bouchard, had to wear the Black Knights jersey!


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