Corporate Services Wing Orientation 2020

Our Mission: deliver corporate and admin services as well as all health and wellness initiatives to posture RMC for success

Director Corporate Wing
LCol Brent Hoddinott
Orderly Room
OPI - Capt Ed Prado
Coordinator of Official Languages
OPI - Judy DuGuay
OPI - Maj Suleyman Demiray
Strategic Communications
OPI - Bernie Dionne
Public Affairs
OPI - Lt(N) Blake Patterson
College Success Centre
OPI - Sharon Miklas
OPI - Kelly Lupton
RMC Museum
OPI - Lena Belliveau
OPI - Maj Paul Vogt

Orderly room

14 staff (mil and civ) in basement of Currie Hall who provide services to all staff and students   

  • Pay
  • All HR related activities
  • Records Management (official correspondence and personal mail)
  • College Information Software Application (CISA)
  • Security clearance processing
  • CFIRP Coord


What the Padres do

  • Everyone can visit a Padre
  • Here to help you
  • Comfort
  • Senior advisor
  • Recommendation
  • Corporate Wing
  • Sentinel Program
  • OPI: Capitaine Maria Codina

Public Affairs

  • News coverage
  • Imagery services
  • Command support
  • Social media
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
    • Flickr


PSP Operations

  • Mess Operations​
    • Cadet Mess​
    • Senior Staff Mess​
    • Coggins Club​
  • Unit Fund Operations​
  • Donations and Sponsorship​
  • NPF Support​
  • CFMWS Liaison​


Responsibilities include:​

  • Claims;​
  • Invoice Payments;​
  • Financial Management;​
  • Revenue (Tuition, etc.);​
  • Research Funding;​
  • Business Planning;​
  • Salary Forecasting Tool (SFT);​
  • DRMIS Training;​
  • Delegation of Authorities;​
  • Post Payment Verifications; and​
  • Payment Card.​

Coordinator of Official Languages

RMC is a Bilingual Unit (BOU)​

A BOU is a work environment that encourages​ the use of both English and French​​

Responsibilities of the Coord. of Official Languages:​

  • Ensure adherence to the Official Languages Act and related policies issued by DND​
  • Assists managers and COs establish Linguistic Identification of DND positions (civilian)​
  • Manage the Official Languages Input Forms (OLIFs)​
  • Handling of Official Language Complaints​
  • Promote bilingualism and OL rights awareness​
  • Coordinate Translation Requests for the College

College Success Centre 

  • RMC’s Success Centre supports members of the RMC community by listening, engaging in problem-solving, providing information and resources and/or referring them to other services that will enable successful outcomes.​
  • The Success Centre is located in Massey Library and includes the Learning Commons, Writing Centre, Math Centre, Conflict and Complaint Management Services (CCMS), Personnel Support Officer (PSO) and SISIP Financial Services on-site.​
  • External partners include: Health Services, Health Promotion, PSP/NPF, EAP and more​

RMC Museum

  • Provides art from the Museum’s Collection for your office ​
  • Provides artifacts and photos for special events ​
  • Answers research requests about College History or the service of ex-cadets​
  • Provides rotating exhibits both on and offsite about the history of Point Frederick and RMC​
  • Participates in outreach activities to promote the history and heritage of RMC within the community​
  • In lieu of a physical space, the Museum promotes the history of RMC through its social media pages​
  • Caretakers of thousands of artifacts, photographs, documents and archaeological specimens that date back to the early history of Canada​
Cadets in scarlets in front of the McKenzie building
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