Director of Operations / J33 Organization Orientation 2020

Director of Operations
LCol Scott Dennis
Admin Assistant
J33 Operation Officer
Maj Erica Lidington
General Safety Officer
Mr James Potts
RMC Security Advisor
Sgt Pierre Compeau
Lt(N) Rob Medeiros
J32 Security
Mr. Stephen Bramhill
J35 Special Events and Visits
LCdr Harold Card

Director of Operations General Information

Some of the areas that the Director of Operations and the J33 Team are responsible for include:​​

  • Synchronization of College Wide Events​
  • Liaising with CFB Kingston, CAF and Lodger Units in support of   RMC Activities​
  • Supporting Special Visits and RMC Ceremonial Events​
  • Safety and Security of the RMC Campus and RMC Operations​
  • Commissionaires and the Duty Watch organization; OOD / DFO​
  • Pan College Emergency Procedures and Prevention​
  • Unit General Safety Officer (Co-Chair)​
  • Unit Security Officer​​

We are located in the Second floor of the Currie Building ​

  • Director of Operations – Room 209​
  • J33 Team -Room 206 and 208

RMC Security Advisor

Responsible for:

  • Overall administration of the security operations within RMC ​
  • Supervision of the RMC Security Sections ​
  • Security advice to the Cmdt to enhance the Force Protection plan​
  • Blue Light Security program​
    • 19 Blue lights located on campus with a direct line to the MPs​
  • Emergency Response Handbook​
    •  Fire​
    •  Medical ​
    •  Weather ​
    •  Bomb Threat​
    •  Suspicious Packages​
    •  Active Threat

RMC Campus Security - How we maintain security at RMC 

  • ​Security is everyone’s responsibility. Don’t hesitate to report security issues;​
  • MPs combined with J3, working groups within RMC and External agencies planning for emergency response for routine and special events;​
  • Screening all personnel employed or attending RMC.​
  • Restricting building access – Red vs Blue Passes​
    • Red Bar:  No Security Clearance – Limited access​
    • Blue Bar:  Security Clearance – Enhanced Access​
    • RMC ID cards are to be worn in visible location.​
    • Lost or stolen cards must be reported to the SCC  ASAP​
  • Full Coverage Security Cameras​
  • Emergency Blue Lights​

RMC Campus Security - Active threats

What is an Active Threat?

​An “active threat/shooter” is an individual(s) who engage in killing or attempting to kill people in a confined and populated area; in most cases, active shooters use firearms(s) and there is no pattern or method to their selection of victims.​

  • Victims are selected at random​
  • Event is unpredictable and evolves quickly​
  • Knowing what to do can save lives​​

 What Can you do?​

​If an active shooter is in your vicinity you have to be physically and mentally prepared to deal with the evolving situation.  You have three options:​

  • Run​
  • Hide ​
  • Fight

Responding to Emergencies

You must use the civic address for your building when reporting an emergency.

Primary emergency number
Call Number
Emergency (Police, Fire, Ambulance 911
Other emergency numbers
Call Number
RMC Security Control Center 613-541-6000 x 6666
RMC Maintenance Services (0800-1600) 613-541-6000 x 6021/6250
Central Heating Plant (After Hours / Holidays)      613-541-6000 x 5298/4582
Kingston General Hospital 613-548-2333
Non emergency numbers
Call Number
Military Police 613-541-6000 x 5648
Kingston Police Force 613-549-4660
Fire Department 613-548-4011
Base Fire Chief 613-541-6000 x 5400
RMC Main Gate House

613-541-6000 x 6209​

Various emergency call boxes are located around the campus grounds which are identified by blue lights. Call boxes connect immediately to the Military Police.

RMC Campus Wide Emergency Notifications

In the event of a campus-wide emergency, multiple methods of communication have been established to provide timely notifications.  The methods used to facilitate notification will depend upon the severity of the emergency.​

Emergency Addresses

No.​ Building Name​ Civic Address​
R02​ #1 Gate House Military Law Centre​ 1 Valour Dr​
R03​ Mech Eng Storage (Workshop/Storage)​ 10 Vérité Ave​
R04​ NBC Testing / Storage​ 14 Vérité Ave​
R05​ Cavalry House​ 2 Vérité  Ave​
R06​ #2 Gate House Military Law Centre​ 1 Vérité Ave​
R08​ Hewett House​ 3 Valour Dr​
R09​ CDA (Ridout Square)​ 18 Vérité Ave​
R10​ Cmdt Residence​ 6 Merritt Dr​
R13​ Massey Bldg (Library)​ 7 Valour Dr​
R14​ Old Guard House​ 9 Valour Dr​
R15​ Currie Bldg (Currie Hall)​ 15 Valour Dr​
R16​ Mackenzie Bldg​ 17 Valour Dr​
R23​ Stone Frigate Dormitory​ 19 Point Frederick Dr​
R24​ Supply (Gun Shed)​ 21 General Crerar Cres​
R25​ Old Gym Bookstore​ 17 Point Frederick Dr​
R27​ Panet House​ 15 Point Frederick Dr​
R29​ Sr Staff Mess​ 9 Point Frederick Dr​
R30​ Fort Frederick Museum​ 4 Passchendale Dr​
R30A​ Lunette Washrooms​ 2 Passchendale Dr​
R31​ Fort Haldimand​ 24 Amiens Ave​
R32​ Yeo Hall​ 22 Amiens Ave​
R33​ Fort Lasalle​ 20 Amiens Ave​
R34​ Fort Champlain​ 2 Point Frederick Dr​
R36​ Civ Eng ESG​ 8 Vérité Ave​
R42​ Jet Test Cell​ 4 Point Frederick Dr​
R45​ Garage​ 11 Devercheres Dr​
R47​ Comdt Guest House​ 10 Merritt Dr​
R50​ Porter's Cottage​ 11 Valour Dr​
R55​ Old Hospital​ 19 Valour Dr​
R60​ AMS​ 12 Navy Way​
R62​ ESG​ 12 Vérité Ave​
R65​ Kingston Military Community Sports Center​ 11 Navy Way​
R67​ HMCS Cataraqui​ 24 Navy Way​
R68​ Maint Svcs Storage​ 6 Navy Way​
R69​ Sawyer Mod 1​ 19 General Crerar Cres​
R69​ Sawyer Mod 2​ 17 General Crerar Cres​
R69​ Sawyer Mod 3​ 15 General Crerar Cres​
R69​ Sawyer Mod 4​ 13 General Crerar Cres​
R69​ Sawyer Mod 5​ 11 General Crerar Cres​
R71​ Girouard​ 3 General Crerar Cres ​
R75​ Boathouse​ 20 General Crerar Cres​
R79​ Gate House​ 3 Precision Dr​
R81​ Fort Sauve Dormitory​ 1 Point Frederick Dr​
R85​ HMCS Ontario Boat House​ 10 General Crerar Cres​
R86​ Fort Brant Dormitory​ 5 Valour Dr​
R89​ Birchall Pavillion ​ 3 Billy Bishop Rd​
R92​ Swing Space ​ 8,10, 12 Precision Dr​

Responding to Emergencies: Fire

Fire Evacuation​

  • Be Prepared,​
  • Know your Evacuation Route, and Alternate Route.​
  • Remain Calm​

If you discover a fire:​

  1. Shout “Fire! Fire! Fire”​
  2. Pull the nearest fire alarm and call 911 from a safe location​
  3. Leave the building immediately by the nearest safe exit​
  4. Proceed to the designated assembly area for your building ​
  5. If you are confident in your ability to maintain positive control, start fighting the fire with portable fire-fighting equipment and stay at the scene until relieved​

Upon hearing an alarm:​

  • Secure classified material (if applicable)​
  • Always leave the building immediately by the designated exit, or the nearest safe alternative exit, if the primary exit is dangerous​
  • Do not use the elevators​
  • Proceed to the designated assembly area for your building​
  • Keep entrance ways, access ways and the roadway clear​
  • Await instructions from RMC Security or Fire Department personnel ​
  • When the “all clear” signal is given, re-enter the building through the main entrance​

If you encounter smoke:​

  • Crouch low to the floor and take shallow breaths​
  • If possible, place a moist cloth over your nose and mouth​
  • Proceed to the nearest safe exit​

If you are trapped by fire:​

  •  It may be safer to stay in your office​
  •  Let someone know that you are there. If phone is working, dial 911 and give your location, if a phone is not working use a cell phone (if available)​
  • If you can open your window, signal the Fire Department​
  •  A closed door can provide good protection against fire and smoke​
  •  If smoke enters the room, crouch low. Remember that heat and gases rise​
  •  Use anything you can find to seal cracks (towels, clothing, Etc.):​


  • Assist those with mobility issues​

Responding to Emergencies: Emergency Assembly Areas

Each building has an assembly area. You are to report to that area when the fire alarm is heard, or evacuation is ordered.​

Safe Distance​

Assembly areas are located outside at a safe distance from the building, away from roads and walkways used by emergency vehicles​

Location: Parade Square​

Personnel in these buildings will assemble on the Parade Square:​

  •     Currie​
  •     Fort Brant​
  •     Fort Champlain​
  •     Fort Haldimand​
  •     Fort LaSalle​
  •     Fort Sauvé​
  •     Mackenzie​
  •     Massey​
  •     Old Gym​
  •     Old Hospital​
  •     Panet House​
  •     Senior Staff Mess​
  •     Stone Frigate​
  •     Yeo Hall​

Location: Sawyer Parking Lot​

Personnel in these buildings will assemble in the Sawyer parking lot:​

  •     Girouard​
  •     Sawyer (all modules)​
  •     Swing Space​

Location: Kingston Military Community Sports Centre (KMCSC) Parking Lot​

Personnel in these buildings will assemble in the KMCSC parking lot:​

  •     Constantine Arena ​
  •     KMCSC​
  •     Kingston Military Community Sports Dome (KMCSD)​

Reporting upon evacuation:​

Report to your supervisor upon evacuation and wait at your emergency assembly area for directions​

Supervisors account for all faculty, staff and students and report any missing individuals to emergency responders​

Responding to Emergencies - Medical

Serious Medical Emergencies​

  •  Ensure your own safety and that of the injured person​
  •  Secure the scene and ensure that further injury is prevented​
  •  Call 911 immediately and notify RMC Security, 613-541-6000 x 6666​
  •  Advise the dispatcher of the nature of the injury or illness and location (building, street address and floor/room number)​
  •  Do not move injured person unless there is a high risk of further injury or death​
  •  Keep calm and do not leave person unattended​
  •  Call for help from those in close proximity to the injured person​
  •  Provide First Aid, if qualified, or seek assistance from a qualified first aid/CPR provider​
  •  Have someone meet emergency medical services at the entrance to the building​
  •  Ensure that the site of the accident remains undisturbed to facilitate follow up investigation​

Minor Medical Emergencies​

  •  Call 911 if required and notify RMC Security, 613-541-6000 x 6666 ​
  •  Provide First Aid, if qualified, or call for assistance from qualified first aid/CPR provider​
  •  Help arrange for transportation to seek treatment as required​
  •  Report the incident to your supervisor and assist with completion of an Incident Report​

Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)​

  •  AEDs have been installed at the main entrances to all major buildings on RMC campus​
  •  Initiate CPR after calling for help/911​
  •  Stay with the person while someone gets the AED​
  •  To use an AED, open the case. A recorded voice will direct you step-by-step. You do not need formal training to operate an AED​

Following a medical emergency or injury:​

  •  All injuries and medical emergencies must be reported to the Unit General Safety and Environmental Officer 613-541-6000 x 3873​
  •  A CAF/DND 663 and/or CF 98 shall be completed whenever there is a death, injury, material damage or property damage at RMC​
  • For hazardous occurrences with multiple injured persons, a different DND663 must be filled for each injured person

College Standing Orders

College Standing orders can be found on the RMC DWAN SharePoint Page
Orders library screenshot

RMC Parking

  • In order to register your vehicle, you must present the original copies of the following documents: ​
    • valid Driver’s License;​
    • valid insurance; ​
    • valid vehicle registration​
    • RMC ID Card.​
  • Pass holders shall only park in the designated area for the type of permit issued to them​
  • Visitor parking, overflow parking, and parking for persons with disabilities are available. ​
  • Visitors to RMC are required to register their vehicle at the SCC for the day they are on campus.​
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