Integrated Conflict and Complaint Management Program (ICCM) Orientation 2020

Key Take Aways:​

  • Conflict/complaint management is everyone’s responsibility​
  • CAF/DND’s prefered approach to manage conflicts and complaints is to engage services early, locally and informally (ELI)​
  • Effective conflict/complaint management has a positive impact on work environments, operational effectiveness and retention

Vision / Mission / Purpose

Our Vision:  A strong, healthy, resilient and engaged Defence Team.​

​Our Mission: To enable the Defence Team to effectively manage their conflicts and complaints early, locally and informally (ELI) and to guide them through formal complaint mechanisms when appropriate.​

​Our Purpose: We serve the Defence Team by providing accessible, responsive and personalized conflict and complaint management services whose results foster a climate of dignity and respect, that attracts talent, enhances operational effectiveness and retention. 


ICCM Program Overview

Integrated Conflict and Complaint Management (ICCM)

  • Interest Based
    • Self Help
      ​Comprehensive self-help internet/intranet web site​ new
      • CAF Apps​
      • Education
  • Collaborative Resolution
    • Local Centre supporting CoC and members​
    • ADR Services​
    • E-file/case​
  • Rights Based
  • Formal Submission
    • Grievance​
    • Harassment​
    • Human Rights
  • Judicial Review
    • Federal Court​
    • CHRC​
    • COL
  • Single tracking system (ICRTS)​
  • Strategic SA​

Key characteristics

  • Single portal​
    (Cradle to Grave)​
  • Dedicated high quality CR advice ​
  • Shared E-files​
  • Single tracking system

Principles and Benefits​

  • Early, local, informal (ELI)​
  • Easy to access​
  • Confidential​
  • End-to-end tracking​
  • Improves operational effectiveness​
  • Right to formal recourse mechanisms protected ​

Common Areas of Interest​

  • Sexual Misconduct  ​
  • Grievance​
  • Human Rights Complaint​
  • Harassment ​
  • Official Language Complaints​
  • Access to Information and Privacy​
  • Requirements​
  • General Safety Complaints / Workplace Violence​

CCMS Agents’ Role

To assist members and the Chain of Command:

  • In navigating conflict and complaint management mechanisms within the institution​
  • By providing education, assistance and referrals ​
  • By ensuring all client’s conflicts and complaints are actively managed from cradle to grave ​
  • By encouraging all members of the Defence Team to use an early, local, informal (ELI) approach whenever possible to manage conflicts and complaints 

CCMS / SGCP -Kingston​

Building 1A Ypres​

​++ CCMS Kingston​

  • Gord Howse, Agent Supervisor ext. 4904​
  • Capt Dan Peebles, Agent ext. 7319​

Success Through “Collaborative Resolution

The success of collaborative options hinges on its interest-based approach, which shifts discussion from initial demands to enhanced understanding of what is important and why it really matters.​​

These options provide a less formal way for individuals to voice their concerns, reach a greater understanding of the other party’s needs and perceptions, generate options for the resolution and identify solutions that are agreeable to parties involved. ​

Collaborative approaches enable parties to maintain more control over the discussion and the resolution of their differences, and to preserve and/or improve the existing working relationship. 

ADR Services

  • Consultation​
  • Conflict Coaching​
  • Facilitation​
  • Mediation​
  • Group intervention​
  • Training (Resolving Conflict     Effectively and Conflict Management for Leaders courses)​
  • Awareness​
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