RMC Success Centre Orientation 2020


  • Vision/Mission​
  • Services​
    • Learning Commons​
    • CCMS​
    • Writing Centre/Math Centre​
    • Personnel Selection​
    • SISIP​
  • External partners​
  • Additional resources:​
    • CSPS​
    • DLN

Vision / Mission​

Have questions and you’re not sure who you should ask?​

Welcome to the College Success Centre!​

RMC’s Success Centre supports members of the RMC community by listening, engaging in problem-solving, providing information and resources and/or referring them to other services that will enable successful outcomes.


  • Learning Commons​
    • Seating and tables to facilitate discussion and group work, as well as quiet study areas.​​
  • CCMS​
    • Manage conflicts and complaints faster by working with you to meet your personal needs.​
    • Solve conflict earlier in the complaint process by providing you with support and informal options.​
    • Gordon Howse, Agent Supervisor, Gordon.Howse@forces.gc.ca.​
  • Writing Centre/Math Centre​
    • Academic services for students.​
    • Contact the Writing Centre and the Math Centre via Moodle.
  • Personnel Selection​
    • Capt Brandon Rose, Personnel Selection Officer (PSO)​
      Email: Brandon.Rose@forces.gc.ca​
      • Testing, interviewing, counselling and assessment of service members.​
      • Advising on the suitability of individual for specific career-related matters.​
      • Providing educational and career counselling.​
      • Assist people in beginning a second career within or outside the military.​
  • SISIP​
    • Deborah Hoddinott, Financial Counselor​
      ​Email: Hoddinott.Deborah@cfmws.com​
      • Providing tailored advice and product solutions that enhance the financial health and security of the members of the CAF Community and their families.​

External Partners

  • Health Promotion
    • Offer tools, resources, briefings, workshops and campaigns designed to ensure that CAF personnel, their families and civilian personnel alike have the knowledge and abilities to make healthy lifestyle choices.​
  • Personnel Support Programs (PSP)
    • Fitness programming for the CAF.​
    • Recreational activities for the Defence Team.​
  • Non-Public Funds (NPF)​
    • Messes, Chez Brucie and all kinds of fun activities.​
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
    • Provides confidential, voluntary, and neutral support to civilian employees and eligible family members who are experiencing personal or professional difficulties that may have a negative effect on their personal well-being and/or work performance.
  • Member Assistance Program (MAP)
    • A 24 hour, 7 days a week bilingual telephone and face-to-face counselling service that is voluntary, confidential, and available to CAF members and their families who have personal concerns that affect their well-being and/or work performance.​
  • Health Services
    • Connecting military families to a wide range of programs and services supporting family and community.​
  • KGLCC (*DWAN only)​ (*courses are free).
    • They promote continuous learning within the DND through advisory, career development and training services to members of the Defence team 

Additional Resources / Supports

  • Canada School of Public Service (CSPS)​
    • Provides a range of learning activities to build individual and organizational capacity and management excellence within the public service​
    • Online courses, webinars etc.​
    • In-class offerings are currently suspended.​
    • Most courses are free.​
  • Defence Learning Network (DLN)​
    • The CAF/DND online learning network.​
    • Both mandatory and non-mandatory courses.​
    • Courses are free.
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