Personnel for PG Students

Military and Civilian Graduate Student Representatives

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College Military Civilian
Senior Students  Maj Andrew Chernysh  Milan Fortner 
Department Military Representative Civilian Representative
War Studies Capt Jamie Hill Marissa Gibson 
Master of Public Administration   Chris Jackson
Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Lt(N) Brent Limbeek Laura Ogilvie
Civil Engineering 2Lt  Daniel Cruz  Alexandra Benko
Electrical and Computer Engineering Lt(N) Mike Michaud Boubacar Housseini
Mathematics and Computer Sciences   Najma Amadou Boukary
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Lt(N) Gregory Clarke   
Physics Maj Tyler Gill  
Library Rep 2Lt Kevin Connolly Anbareen Farooq


Department Representative
Dean of Graduate Studies and Research Dr. Pat Heffernan 
Graduate Studies and Research Admin Officer Mrs. Suzanne Aude 
Registrar Karl Michaud 
Associate Registrar, Graduate Studies Shelagh Corbett 
CO Military Graduate Students LCol Soo Owens 
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