Danielle Charbonneau

Danielle Charbonneau
Hewett House - Room 209
(613) 541-6000 ext 6635
Fax: (613) 541-6822
Department of Military Psychology and Leadership

College Address

Royal Military College of Canada
PO Box 17000, Station Forces
Kingston, Ontario, CANADA
K7K 7B4

Dr. Charbonneau obtained a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology in 1994 at Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario. She is a registered psychologist in Ontario. Currently, she is a professor at RMC. Her research interests include leadership, motivation, army culture, resilience, and mindfulness.


Articles published in refereed journals

  • Charbonneau, D. & Wood, V. M. (2018). Antecedents and outcomes of unit cohesion and affective commitment to the Army. Military Psychology, 30(1), 43-53.
  • Wood, V.M. & Charbonneau, D. (2017). Gender, Self-Efficacy, and Warrior Identification in Canadian Army Personnel. Journal of Gender Studies, 27(7), 747-758. 
  • Groll, D., Charbonneau, D., Bélanger, S., & Senyshyn, S. (2016). Yoga and CAF members' well-being: an analysis based on select physiological and psychological measures. Journal of Military, Veteran and Family Health, 2(2), 53-61. 
  • O’Keefe, D., MacIntyre, A., & Charbonneau, D. (2013). Can perceptions of supervisor-related ethical climate influence how high-impression managers admit past unethical behaviour? Military Psychology, 25(5), 462- 477.
  • Febbraro, A.R., Bradley, J.P., McCreary, D.R., Charbonneau, D., & Villeneuve, M.  (2010). Career satisfaction of army lieutenant-colonels.  Canadian Army Journal, 12, 21-31. 

Book Chapters:

  • Wood, V. M., Urban, S., MacDonald, T. K., & Charbonneau, D. (2018). Spousal attachment and  marital functioning following deployment reunion. In S. Dursun, S. Urban, & W. H. Dean (Eds.), The homefront: Family well-being and military readiness. Kingston, Ontario: CDA Press.
  • Charbonneau, D. (2017). Mindfulness and acceptance: how do they relate to stress and resilience. In A. MacIntyre, D. Lagace-Roy, & D. Lindsay (Eds), Global views on military stress and resilience. Kingston, Ontario: CDA Press.
  • O'Keefe, D.F., Catano, V., Kelloway, E. K., Charbonneau, D., & MacIntyre, A. (2016). Antecedents of Ethical leadership: Can we predict who might be an ethical leader? In S. Belanger and D. Lagace-Roy (Eds.) Military operations and the mind: War ethics and soldiers’ well-being. Montreal, Quebec: McGill-Queens University Press.
  • MacIntyre, A., Charbonneau, D. & O’Keefe, D. (2013). The role of leadership in building and maintaining resiliency. In Sinclair, R. R., & Britt, T. W. (Eds.). Building psychological resilience in military personnel: Theory and practice (pp. 85-111). Washington DC: American Psychological Association.


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