Map - Fort Frederick - 1860

Illustration de Fort Frederick
  1. Tower
  2. Guardhouse
  3. Magazine
  4. Sally Port
  5. Picket Fence
  6. Privy
  7. Armstrong Gun
  8. 32 Pounder Gun
  9. 5 1/2" Howitzer
  10. 24 Pounder Gun

This illustration depicts a bird's-eye-view of how Fort Frederick might have appeared in 1860.

The Fort consists of a central Martello Tower, enclosed within outer defensive works. These outer works consist of large, V -shaped earth ramparts pointing south, towards the water, and a rear, limestone Curtain Wall closing-off the north side of the Fort.

Along the base of the outside face of the earth ramparts a wooden picket, or stockade wall, existed.

Various types of artillery were mounted on the ramparts. There were two -24 pounder Guns, two 5 ½ inch Howitzers, four-32 pounder Guns and one-110 pounder Armstrong Gun.

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