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The RMC College March is "Precision". It was composed in 1932 by Madame Denise Chabot, wife a College staff member, Major C.A. Chabot, RCA. The Cabots lived in Married Quarters on campus and Madame Chabot would often hear cadets, on their way to the Riding School, marching past her door whistling and singing popular marching songs.The favorite song of the graduating Class of 1932 was "Madelon". Madame Chabot would extemporize on her piano variations of the melody and the sound of marching feet. Her music, at first unnamed, composed to symbolize the rhythem of cadets on the march, was presented to the College in the spring of 1932. It was orchestrated for a military band by Captain F.W. Coleman, RCHA. The name, "Precision", was adopted in 1933, from the title of an Associated Screen News film of the Gentlemen Cadets in training. Madame Chabot's march was used as the theme music of the film and because the name given the film so well fitted the cadet's drill she decided to call her composition by the same title.



This piece was performed by the RMC Band and was arranged by Sylvain Gagnon.

Alexander Mackenzie

The College March for Pipes is "Alexander Mackenzie". Performed by the RMC Band; written by Don Carrigan and arranged by Brian Williams.

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