Division of Continuing Studies Admission, Registration and Fees



For all students interested in pursuing undergraduate studies at RMC please visit Undergraduate Admissions.


All courses administered through the Division of Continuing Studies (DCS) have limited enrolment and all registrations require approval from DCS.

Undergraduate Course Registration

Students admitted to the undergraduate programme can register for distance learning courses using their "My Services" account during the registration period. Course registrations are not accepted over the phone. In exceptional circumstances they may be accepted if sent by fax, but use of facsimile must be pre-authorized by a Programme Representative. DCS undergraduate course registrations are not processed until payment has been confirmed.

It is strongly recommended that students register for and complete junior-level courses prior to attempting any senior-level undergraduate courses. Please refer to UG Important Academic Dates for the registration periods.


The fees are listed at: RMC Fees.

 Academic Reimbursement

All fee-paying students can print their tuition fees receipt and tuition income tax receipt via their "My Services" account.

Military members should, for academic reimbursement procedures, consult their local Base/Wing/Unit Education Officer or Personnel Selection Officer.

Letters of Permission

RMC Continuing Studies students who wish to take courses at other institutions for credits towards their degree programme must obtain prior written permission in the form of a letter of permission, available through their "My Services" account. The course(s) so taken must satisfy a requirement identified in the student's programme plan. Failure to obtain permission prior to the course start date may result in credits not being acceptable. A course calendar description must be submitted with the written request, as well as a Request for a Letter of Permission. The amount of instructional hours should be clearly indicated. Normally, at least four weeks should be allowed for the request to be processed.

It should be noted that RMC is a partner of the Canadian Virtual University (CVU), a consortium of Canadian universities offering programmes and courses that can be completed at a distance. Universities that are partners in this consortium have agreed to waive the fees normally levied for the processing of a Letter of Permission when the student is registered in a programme of study at a university that is a partner of CVU.

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