Continuing Studies

The aim of Continuing Studies at RMC is to offer an array of academic programmes and opportunities on a full time or part time basis through Continuing Studies either on-site or through distance education.

Offerings include:

  • Full-time and part-time studies to Regular and Reserve members of the CAF, honorably released members, their spouses, and to employees of the Federal Government of Canada;
  • Interest Only students;
  • Mature Students;
  • CAF Subsidized Programmes for Regular and Reserve CAF Members. CAF members may be interested in completing their undergraduate degree at RMC through several CAF sponsored subsidized programmes such as:
    • University Training Plan – Non Commissioned Members (UTPNCM)
    • Regular Officer Training Plan (ROTP) – Reservists
    • Initial Baccalaureate Degree Programme (IBDP)
    • Continuing Education Officer Training Plan (CEOTP)
    • Any other DND sponsored programmes the CAF may launch from time to time.
  • Visiting Students:  Offered through Continuing Studies at RMC, students currently attending other colleges and universities in Canada may register for courses with a letter of permission from their home institution.
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