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Continuing Studies at RMC

The degree programmes offered through Division of Continuing Studies (DCS) at RMC are thoroughly grounded in the elements of the military profession, permitting students to acquire a university degree regardless of where they live and work, and minimizing any negative impact on their commitments to family and career. The programmes integrate in-service training and experience with special and standard university courses. Courses are offered in English and French and students may complete assignments, essays and exams in the official language of their choice.

Distance Education (DCS-administered courses) are Web-based (Internet) and delivered through the RMC Moodle Learning Management System (LMS).

For information on Course Offerings, Course Descriptions, Course Overviews and Delivery Mode, please refer to the following web page: UG Course Offerings for Distance Education

Continuing Studies Committee

The Continuing Studies Committee, a committee of Faculty Board with representation from each academic department, acts as a steering committee for the administration of all continuing education activities and is responsible for the academic governance of the non-resident undergraduate programmes. The Continuing Studies Committee makes recommendations to Faculty Board concerning the development and approval of Undergraduate Programmes offered through DCS and the recognition of courses offered by other organizations.

The membership of the Continuing Studies Committee, chaired by the Associate Dean of Continuing Studies, consists of:

  • a representative from each academic department,
  • the Registrar, or appointed representative,
  • the DCS Course Design and Development Manager,
  • the DCS Course Delivery Support Manager, and
  • the Director of Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition.

Canadian Armed Forces Subsidized Study Programmes

In addition to part-time studies, DCS provides administrative support to some of Depatement of National Defence (DND) programmes of sponsored full-time studies toward degrees. Part-time studies can be a lead-in toward being selected for sponsorship under these programmes.

Initial Baccalaureate Degree Programme (IBDP)

Education is an essential and integral part of officer professional development and the CAF encourages officers to pursue continuing education on their own volition. The CAF has established a goal to have all officers hold a university degree, with the exception of those commissioned from the ranks. In support of this goal, the CAF has established a programme to provide subsidized education to eligible officers in pursuit of their initial baccalaureate degree.

DAOD 5031-7 outlines the conditions and benefits associated with this programme. It does not preclude other initiatives that have been put in place in support of continuing education.

University Training Plan Non Commissioned Members (UTPNCM)

The UTPNCM Programme is a DND-sponsored subsidization plan  to generate commissioned officers which is open to certain non-commissioned members of the CAF who meet the academic requirements for admission to RMC or other Canadian universities as candidates for a baccalaureate degree. Depending on their level of academic standing, UTPNCM candidates may enter either at the first-year level or with an advanced standing. Except for certain allowances made for age, service experience and marital status, these officer cadets must meet substantially the same academic and military requirements as those in the Regular Officer Training Plan.

The conditions governing eligibility, application and selection procedures are set forth in CFAO 9-13, and as modified by subsequent orders.

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