Checklist for RMC ALOY Cadets

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This checklist will help you in your preparation for ALOY Orientation Camp and your year at RMC. You should read the main document before using this checklist.

  • Before leaving, you should have completed the following:
  • Read the joining instructions
  • Obtained a travel authorization number and an expense claim (ND 99 or Claims-X) and have specified:
    • Your means of transport
    • Dates and time of you itinerary
    • Baggage expense claim
  • Obtained a Leave Request Authorization (CF100) form.
  • Gathered the required articles of clothing and pieces of equipment
  • Made financial arrangements for your dependants and have in your possession a void check of your bank account
  • Set aside $150 for expenses upon arrival at RMC
  • Started a physical fitness program, if not done already
  • Provided telephone numbers and address where you can be reached in case of emergency to your next of kin or your dependants
  • Packed and sent your unaccompanied baggage (at least three weeks in advance)
  • Obtained a copy of your lease or your mortgage and copies of electricity bills and phone bills (as applicable)
  • Have a prescription for your glasses or contact lenses (as applicable)
  • Copy of prescriptions for any medications (as applicable)

Carry joining instructions in your hand luggage (in case you need them before arriving at RMC)

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