RMC Club

The Royal Military Colleges Club of Canada (The RMC Club) provides services to all alumni who join the Club by paying membership dues. It operates a Gift Shop on campus in Panet House and on-line. As well, it publishes the magazine Veritas thrice annually and the electronic newsletter e-Veritas about 40 times a year, both publications serve to connect alumni with their alma mater. Finally, it is the primary means of connecting alumni through class and branch web pages hosted by the Club and accessed from the Club's home page.

RMC Foundation

The RMC Foundation was incorporated as a registered charity organization in 1968. This made official the long tradition of philanthropy of Ex Cadets to their alma maters that dates from 1878.

The Foundation operates today to seek, receive and distribute the charitable gifts of Friends and Alumni of RMC, CMR and Royal Roads. Your gifts benefit all programs of RMC, CMR St-Jean and the legacy of RRMC, by providing the "Margin of Excellence". This delivers enrichment to all academic, athletic, bilingualism and military training, over and above funding provided by the Crown. Gifts may be given by anyone to benefit any facet of College programs you wish.


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