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Discover 144 years of Tradition, Courage and Resilience 

For almost a century, the RMC Museum has assembled an exceptional collection of art, objects and archives that tell the story of Point Frederick, the College, and the people who have lived, learned, taught and laboured here. 

The RMC Museum has existed in various forms since 1922. Early Ex-Cadets and their families sent objects to the College to commemorate the service of their classmates and family members. After the First World War, the Commandant, Lieutenant-General Sir Archibald Cameron Macdonell began collecting objects and setting up displays in the Fort Frederick Martello Tower. During the Second World War, the Museum was closed and the objects were placed in storage until 1961 when the Museum was re-opened. Since then, the RMC Museum has expanded with exhibitions located throughout the College. 

In 2016, restorations began on Fort Frederick and as a result, the Museum had to move out of the Tower. These restorations will continue for several years, leaving the Museum without a designated public exhibition space. Plans are underway to build a new Museum building and to establish a temporary exhibit space until the new building is ready. 

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