Student Financial Aid

A number of financial aid programmes are available to students pursuing university studies at RMC.  Please consult the information provided below for more detailed information.

Student Assistance Programmes

The National Student Loans Service Centre

Web site

Ontario Student Assistance Programme - OSAP

To apply to the Ontario Student Assistance Programme (OSAP), you must fill out and submit an OSAP Application for Full-Time Students available from the OSAP website.

OSAP is distributed twice a year. In (September) you will receive 60% of your entitlement. In (January) you will receive the remaining 40%.

You can access your OSAP information at the OSAP website.

OSAP Application Process

Information you provide in connection with your OSAP applications is subject to verification and audit by the ministry.

Income Verification

Income is verified with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) (If there is a discrepancy between the incomes you report to OSAP and the information received from the CRA, OSAP will reassess your application).

Continuation of Interest Free Status

If you have previous student loans and you plan to continue your studies but, do not plan on applying for additional student assistance for the upcoming school year, you must ensure your previous loans are placed in interest-free status so that you do not have to repay the loans and interest while you are in school. To maintain interest free status on your loans, you must complete the Continuation of Interest-Free Status/Confirmation of Enrolment form for both the Canada and Ontario portions of your loans. The forms are available from the OSAP website and Financial Aid Offices of postsecondary institutions.


If you have withdrawn from courses since receiving your OSAP funding, and this has resulted in a credit on your student account, RMC is required to send all/part of the refund to the National Student Loan Centre where it will be applied to your outstanding student loans.

Contact - RMC Financial Aid Officer

Mr. Peter Bennett
Mackenzie Building, Room 361
1-613-541-6000 ext. 3848
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