What is RMC?

RMC campus from Fort Henry
The Royal Military College of Canada is a military university.

It is a unique national military university that provides the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) with exemplary officers to serve Canada, delivering undergraduate programs in the Social Sciences, the Humanities, Science and Engineering in both official languages. 

RMC offers 20 exceptional undergraduate programmes that each include a core curriculum to 1,200 students that is directly connected to the profession of arms.

RMC is an important national institution living up to the tradition that sets RMC apart from other Canadian universities. It produces military leaders ready to serve with distinction, producing graduates well-exposed both culturally and academically to a military ethos, and who have the skill sets essential for success as leaders representing Canada internationally. 

RMC aspires to a positive environment built on clarity and unity of purpose, creating a harmonious atmosphere by behaving with integrity and by treating people with respect. It is a military university that embraces its institutional culture and values while respecting diversity.

But RMC not only produces military leaders - it is also a leader in defence research, responding to the research needs of the Defence and security community, and Canadian society. RMC’s research activities are inspired by a culture of discovery and innovation that is inquiry-based. They lead to the generation, transfer and sharing of knowledge, especially that which is relevant to Defence and security. RMC is pursuing, generating and transferring knowledge; inspiring and motivating faculty and students.

RMC has state-of-the-art research facilities uniquely located on its campus such as a nuclear reactor, wind tunnels, an anechoic chamber, an observatory, an ammunition lab, a civil engineering lab, and a cyber-lab, to name a few. Some of our research is sensitive or classified and is often conducted at RMC in direct support of operations.

Recognized nationally and internationally as a military university of academic excellence, RMC delivers education of the highest quality at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and in specialized professional development.

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