Courses - Department of Applied Military Science

These are the courses delivered on the ATSOP and ATWOP.

Course Code Course Name
AMS 101 Applied Mathematics
AMS 103 Applied Physics
AMS 105 Applied Chemistry
AMS 107 Military Materials
AMS 500 Research Project
AMS 501 Military Communications Systems
AMS 503 Military Information Systems
AMS 505 Battlefield Surveillance and Target Acquisition
AMS 507 Weapons
AMS 509 Vehicle Systems, Survivability and Mobility
AMS 511 Defence Management in Canada
AMS 513 Decision Analysis, Probability and Statistics
AMS 515 Modelling and Simulation
AMS 517 System Engineering
AMS 519 Logistic Engineering
AMS 520 Critical Thinking and staff-duties
AMS 521 Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear Defence
AMS 523 Soldier Systems (human factors)
AMS 537 Operational Trials & Evaluations
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