Courses - Department of Applied Military Science

These are the courses delivered on the ATSOP and ATWOP.

Course Term
100 Orientation Summer
101 Applied Mathematics Summer
103 Applied Physics Fall
105 Applied Chemistry Summer
107 Strength of Material Fall
500 Projects All Yr
501 Military Comm Systems Winter
503 Military Information Systems Winter
505 BSTA Winter
507 Military Weapons Systems Winter
509 Vehicle Systems, Survivability and Mobility Winter
511 Defence Management in Canada (VL) incl PM Fall to Spring
515 Modeling and Simulation Fall
517 System Engineering Summer/Fall
519 Logistic Engineering Spring
520 Critical Thinking (Writing skills) Summer
520 Theories and application of Critical Thinking Summer/Fall
521 CBRN Defence Technology Summer/Fall
523 Soldier Systems Fall
525 Probability and Stats Fall
527 Decision Analysis Fall
537 Ops T&E Fall
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