Men's Varsity Soccer

The men's soccer team and support staff/coaches standing in two rows in front of the goal.
Men's Varsity Soccer 

At a time where Varsity sports participation often outweighs the importance of education, and one's future, the Royal Military College of Canada takes great pride in balancing athletics and education with its student athletes.

RMC has restructured its soccer program to provide a challenging atmosphere, where serious players can train in a professional soccer environment, and compete against other top soccer programs in the country. With this new emphasis on sport, RMC continues its tradition of being one of Canada's top academic institutions. Student athletes are trained to balance the demands of varsity sport with the time needed to commit to a top-level education. The result is an environment where all varsity athletes maintain a high level academic standing.

With a strong new commitment to athletics, and an unparalleled academic reputation, the Men's Soccer Program at RMC is the perfect place for the serious student athlete.

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