About Master of Business Administration Programme (MBA)

RMC Master of Business Administration Mission:

The Royal Military College’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree provides a general graduate education in management. Our students will gain the vital skills to advance their careers by studying the fundamentals of Business Administration. The MBA program broadens the knowledge base of strategic business thinkers through a high-quality, comprehensive education in specialized or general business disciplines. Students from a variety of academic backgrounds, at all stages in their careers will enjoy the RMC learning environment that focuses on student success and flexibility in scheduling. Students also achieve specific knowledge in a variety of subject areas that combine the viewpoints of the military, government and commercial sectors.By recruiting accomplished faculty members who are industry leaders and experts in their field while having both professional experience and academic achievement, the RMC MBA program fosters leaders for all areas of the private and public sector. You can visit the programme information and course descriptions here

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