MBA505 - Management Research Study


Please answer the following questions in as much detail as possible.

Please save file in word with the following naming convention - your last name, first initial plus 505. For example: shepherd.m505.doc)

Then send to Michelle, your MBA Program representative at 

  1. Date or block you wish to complete
  2. Name and Student Number
  3. Would you prefer to do a reading course or project?
  4. If project then requested Supervisor (if known), Have you contacted them yet?
  5. What is theme of your research (i.e., analytic, financial, behavioural, strategic or economic)?
  6. What is your research question?
  7. Please provide a brief description of the methodology to be used in your research
  8. Please scope out your time management plan (dates/milestones) and proposed deliverables

Please refer to MBA course offering for more details.

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