Graduate Studies - Department of Civil Engineering


Candidates for the degee Master of Engineering will be admitted under the General Regulations of the Graduate Studies and Research Division. However, a candiate will normally be required to complete six term courses at the graduate level and, depending upon the mathematical background of the candidate, a course in mathematics may be required. Six copies of the candidates thesis are required by the department.

Areas of Research


  1. ultimate strength of reinforced concrete structures
  2. seismic design of reinforced concrete structures
  3. fibre reinforced materials
  4. wood structures and composite material connections
  5. reinforced plastic structures
  6. prediction of resistance of brittle failure modes in timber connections
  7. numerical analysis of structures and composites
  8. stiffened steel plates

Soil Mechanics

  1. pavement construction on compressible soils
  2. use of geosynthetics as reinforcement
  3. seismic design of soil structures

Environmental Engineering

  1. sanitary engineering
  2. environmental engineering in the artic
  3. environment impact assessment
  4. toxic waste management
  5. water resources management
  6. subsurface contaminant transport

Transportation Engineering

  1. interlocking concrete block pavement
  2. bituminous materials in northern pavement construction
  3. aggregate characterization
  4. optimization of signalized intersections

Computer Applications

  1. numerical analysis
  2. expert systems
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