Selection Criteria and Outline for Nominee Submissions

Part 1 - Eligibility

  • Attended one of Canada’s Military Colleges (RMC, CMR, RRMC)   
  • Awarded an honourary or associate College number         

Part 2 – Primary Selection Criteria             

  • Achievement of something of extraordinary significance at the national or international level           
  • Have a lifetime of achievements, or a single breakthrough achievement, whose effect is of lasting significance 
  • Reflect the qualities of Truth, Duty and Valour in their personal and professional lives              

Part 3 – Secondary Selection Criteria

  • Exceptional contributions recognized by an outside body 
  • Have experience and recognition beyond Canada with international stature            
  • Demonstrated accomplishment, in more than one field, making a lasting contribution to the human condition, which may include, but not limited to:     
    • Involvement in academia, professions, public life or political associations, corporate executive or board of directors.            
    • Opinion leaders with ability in public speaking and interaction with the media              
    • Community involvement in volunteer or related activity, past or present    
    • Involvement in the arts or sports.              

Part 4 – Personal Data which must be included in the submission

  • Name, college number, college(s) attended, hometown, service branch and units, awards and at least one picture

Part 5 – Submission Guide

  • There is no set format for submissions to the Nominating Committee.  It is strongly recommended that Nominators review the nominee’s life and achievements against the Selection Criteria before preparing the submission.
  • The submission should include a concise narrative in Word format, describing the life and achievements of the nominee with as much life history as can be ascertained (i.e. growing up, sports, college life, military service, volunteer service, professional and more). The narrative should be an inspirational story of his or her life between 750 and 1000 words. 
  • Attachments and references can be included.       
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