Performance Indicators and Outcomes

The chart below represents the target outcomes that we expect to achieve in 2015-2016, solely due to the receipt of the Research Support Funds. Without the availability of the financial resources given to us by the RSF, we would be unable to improve and deliver critical services at the College, as seen by the table below.

Eligible Expenditure CategoryInsitutional Performance ObjectiveIndicatorOutputOutcomes Reported at Year-End
3. Management and Administration of an institution's Research EntrepriseIncrease the volume and processing time of grant and award applications by upgradng our ROMEO SoftwareNumber of award applications  processed 2015-2016Used RSF funds to support software upgradeIncrease in number of award applications processed 2015-2016 over 2014-2015 resulting in a projected increase of 10%
3. Management and Administration of an institution's Research EntrepriseTo support salaries for Administrative staff to maintain grantee support and maintain processing times.Lack of complaints on processing times and general satisfacation with levels of support by award recipients Portion of RSF fund used to support Administrative SalariesOur year end survey on client satisfaction, indicates that there is overall satisfaction with administrative support.
3. Management and Administration of an institution's Research EntrepriseTo pay for overheads associated with the management of Tri-Council funds ensuring that financial support for contractors(Payroll) as well as, Security Screening, Audit Expense, Liability Insurance.Tri-council supported employees payroll contracts are processed in a timely mannner, Security Screenings are processed quickly allowing access to computers and buildingsPortion of RSF fund used to support Financial OverheadLack of complaints by tri-council supported students and researchers
3. Management and Administration of an institution's Research EntrepriseTo maintain a current and knowledgeable staff, yearly training is offered.Operational efficiency increases due to a well trained staff.Portion of RSF fund used to  support training.Processing times decrease, as well staff are able to take on increased responsiblities
2. Resource ExpensesPurchase of monographs and serials for RMC Library.Researchers have access to key monographs and journals in all key strategic research areas.Used RSF Funds to Support Library Lack of complaints by RMC researchers in accessing library resources.  Use of inter-library loan services remain roughly constant.

This is based on expenses forecasted in tab - 0046CP-2015-2016

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