About Electrical and Computer Engineering

A Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering Prepares our Graduates for Careers in...

  • Avionics and Vehicle Systems

  • Cyber Warfare and Computer Networks

  • Radar and Sensor Systems
  • ...and much more.

What is Electrical and Computer Engineering?

Today, electrical and computer engineering as a discipline encompasses a remarkably diverse and fertile set of technological areas. At the Royal Military College of Canada our focus is on the hardware and software systems that power our military of today and into the future.

As an electrical and computer engineer you will work with rapidly developing and evolving technology, using your knowledge of science, mathematics, logic, economics, and personal experience to find innovative solutions to real-world problems. 

Graduate Studies

While the undergraduate program at the Royal Military College is only open to those individuals looking for careers in the Canadian Armed Forces, the graduate program at RMC is open to both military personnel and civilians (non-military personnel.)

For more information about the graduate programme, please refer to the calendar of the Division of Graduate Studies and Research, or contact Dr. Leblanc.

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