S. Amari, D.E.S., M.S.E.E., Ph.D. Professor

S. Amari
S. Amari, D.E.S., M.S.E.E., Ph.D. Professor
Sawyer - 4013A
(613) 541-6000 ext 6527
(613) 544-8107
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

College Address

Royal Military College of Canada
PO Box 17000, Station Forces
Kingston, Ontario, CANADA
K7K 7B4

Research Areas:

  • Numerical methods in electromagnetics.
  • Numerical analysis, treatment of singularities/numerical pathologies.
  • Electromagnetic field theory.
  • Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Components.
  • Computer-Aided Analysis and Design.
  • Gradient-based synthesis/design techniques of microwave components.
  • Periodic structures.
  • Applied mathematics, applied physics.
  • Quantum many-particle systems.

Research Interests:

Dr. Amari is involved in research projects in numerical methods in electromagnetics, numerical analysis, synthesis and design of microwave resonator filters and other passive microwave components.

Current research efforts focus on:

  • Coupled-integral-equation techniques.
  • Mode-matching methods, Spectral-Domain Methods.
  • Method of Moments.
  • Acceleration techniques of Moment Methods.
  • Microwave filter synthesis.
  • Numerical integration of singularities/oscillating functions.
  • Design of RF coils for Magnetic Resonance Imaging.
  • Optimization of passive microwave circuits.
  • Dielectric resonator filters.
  • Polarization detection in fish.
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