2022 Bachelor of Political Science Cyclical Program Review Implementation Update of Cycle 1

Implementation Plan

Recommendation Proposed Follow-up and Resource Implications Responsibility for Leading Follow-up Tileline for Addressing Reommendation

1. Reconsider curriculum (Recommendations 1 and 2)

  Head, Political Science (in consultation department members) Task completed. With the approval of the Syllabus Committee the department has implemented a new approach to the Politics degree that uses three streams of courses. This is distinct from the five fields used previously that the IQAP review asked the department to reconsider
2. Add a Research Methods course (Recommendation 3) Activity complete. No follow up. New course POE/F 220   Task completed
3. Improve student research tools (Recommendation 4)

Action for the Principal and VP Academic to resolve issues in TB delegated authorities.

Principal and VPA

Department not responsible.
4. Ensure administrative support for students (Recommendation 5) Situation had been stable until November 2021.

Head Political Science, with Dean of Arts

The Department is again in a situation where it does not have an Administrative Assistant..

5. Follow transparent hiring practices (Recommendation 6) Continue to ensure future hirings are conducted in accordance with Treasury Board policies, which highlight transparency and fairness. Head Political Science, with the Dean of Arts Ongoing. New hiring process underway and it being conducted under TB guidelines. A new candidate has been selected and the onboarding process is continuing from there.
6. Ensure that under-qualified instructors are teaching in their area of expertise (Recommendation 7) Assign military faculty with masters degrees and sessionals to upper year courses in their area of expertise when possible. Head Political Science, with the Dean of Arts Ongoing.This will be addressed in the upcoming cyclical IQAP review.
7. Cease "re-tooling" faculty members in areas outside their expertise (Recommendation 8) Ensure that instructors continue teaching in their area of expertise Head Political Science, with the Dean of Arts Task complete.
8. Investigate impediments to scholarly activity (Recommendation 9) Work on ways to streamline internal processes College-wide activity Department not responsible.

Summary Paragraph

The major change is the completion of the reconsideration of the Political Science curriculum, which was a recommendation of the 2014 IQAP external review, and has since been completed. Other recommendations, which are ongoing in their nature, tend to fall outside the Department's responsibility. They have been, nonetheless, improved since the original external review. The Department's response to Rcommendation 7 is an issue area that is likely to re-emerge in the IQAP self-study next year as there has been some slippage in that regard. Otherwise, the Department is well positioned to engage in its next review in 2022.

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