Nicole Bérubé

Nicole Bérubé
Ph.D., MBA, Chair, Research Ethics Board, Chair of the BMASc program, CMLM and CMAD, Assistant Professor
Department of Management

College Address

Royal Military College of Canada
PO Box 17000, Station Forces
Kingston, Ontario, CANADA
K7K 7B4

Dr. Bérubé joined the Department in 2010 with substantial management experience in various organizations and work contexts, spanning private and public organizations. She also operated a consultancy business in training and organizational development for 15 years. She has taught in several institutions, including the Williams School of Business at Bishop’s University and the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University, where she was a full-time member of the faculty. Dr. Bérubé holds a Ph.D. in Administration (Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management) from the John Molson School of Business, Concordia University. From the same institution, she obtained an MBA with a specialization in Marketing and a Graduate Diploma in Institutional Administration (Public Administration). She also obtained a BSc from the University of Maine at Orono. Her research interests pertain to how organizational support, management and leadership styles affect people’s work satisfaction, performance and mental health. Specific interests include aging workers, intergenerational dynamics in the workplace, and the emergency work context.

Selected Publications:

  • Bérubé, N., & Pond, G. T. (2021). Kinsip: Marketing spirits, maple syrup, and hand sanitizer. Ivey ID: 9B21A017. London, ON, Canada: Ivey Publishing. (Published, May 13, 2021)
  • Robinson, M., Bérubé, N., & Langley, A. (2020). Leadership and followership as one: Connecting leaders in the military. In: Z. Jaser (Ed.), The connecting leader: Serving concurrently as a leader and a follower (pp.221-243). Information Age Publishing.
  • Bérubé, N. (2020).Ranking Candidates: An Experiential Exercise in Personnel Selection. Management Teaching Review published online August 21, 2020. 
  • Bérubé, N., Donia, M., Gagné, M., Houlfort, N., & Lvina, E. (2016). Validation evidence for the Work Domain Satisfaction Scale in two languages. International Journal of Psychological Studies, 8(3): 26-39. 
  • Bérubé, N, (2014). Why affective commitment increases with age: a recognitions explanation. Proceedings of the 11th Annual Conference of the Eastern Academy of Management, Newport, Rhode Island, May 6-10, 2014.
  • Dyer, L. M.  & Bérubé, N. (2013). La pensée critique pour étudiants en affaires. Concord, ON: Captus Press.
  • Dyer, L. M., & Bérubé, N. (2010). Performance and emotion management of emergency workers: The impact of emotion management socialization. Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Emotions and Worklife, Montreal, Quebec, August 4-5, 2010.
  • Dyer, L. M., Oumari, S., & Bérubé, N. (2009). Firefighters’ performance and emotion management. Proceedings of the Sixth Annual Conference of the Eastern Academy of Management, Hartford, Connecticut, May 13-16, 2009.
  • Bérubé, N. (2008). Explaining chronological and subjective age differences in job satisfaction. Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the Association for Administrative Sciences of Canada (ASAC), Halifax, N. S., May 24-27, 2008.  Best Paper – Honourable Mention (Human Resources Division).
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