About Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

About Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is one of the oldest and broadest of the engineering fields. Mechanical Engineers are innovators, focusing on the analysis, design, manufacturing and maintenance of items of all size which extend humans physical abilities, from small nano-machines to large manufacturing plants. With a solid understanding of mechanics, kinematics, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, materials science, control systems, and energy, Mechanical Engineers possess exceptional problem solving skills which are required to tackle the today's most challenging technical problems. Mechanical Engineers work in a team environment, with solid leadership and communications skills, in all levels of industry, Public Service and Military organizations.

This image shows how an initially uniform turbulent patch is distorted into vortex tubes inside a jet engine high-pressure turbine cascade. Results obtained from Direct Numerical Simulation with 80 million grid points.

About Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering focuses on the design, construction and science of Aircraft, Spacecraft and Airborne Weapons technologies. Developing vehicles and systems for atmospheric and space environments, Aerospace Engineers have a thorough knowledge of aerodynamics, fluid dynamics, propulsion, aircraft performance, structures, flight dynamics, control and navigation systems, and avionics. Working with highly interrelated systems, Aerospace Engineers must understand all aspects of a complicated project. Venturing into state of the art technologies, Aerospace Engineers are at the forefront of exploring all possibilities to allow us to travel faster and farther, both in the atmosphere and into space.

CH146 Griffon Helicopter at RMC to complete a familiarization flight for the AEE467 Rotary Wing Aviation Course - April 2009

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