Bio-Mechanical Engineering

Biomechanics, Human movement analysis, Finite element analysis

Our researches are focused on computational models of the human cervical spine and the knee joint. Computational models are valuable for developing and testing hypotheses that would otherwise be impossible to develop or test experimentally. For example, there is no ability to measure cartilage contact conditions in vivo in the human cervical spine or the knee joint to predict the damages. Computational models capable of reproducing the injury development could provide a fast and inexpensive option for overcoming these limitations. Currently we are working on the development of a finite element model of the human cervical spine for evaluation of head and neck injuries in order to propose a prevention tool of neck injuries during aircrew activities. We are also developing a 3-D model of the knee for simulating knee movement patterns during landing activities.

For more information please contact Dr. Kodjo Moglo.

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