Combustion, Propulsion and Heat Transfer

The principal objective of these thrusts of research is to understand the phenomena that govern the operation of internal combustion engines. For example, one aspect of the combustion research focuses on the influence of the components of the combustion chamber, such as fuel nozzles and their tolerances, on the downstream modules, such a turbine nozzles.


Colourized patternation images of fuel nozzle sprays


Internal aerodynamics research focuses on flow around turbine and compressor blades. It is aimed at studying secondary flows and shock-boundary layer interaction and their associated losses in the compressor and turbine sections of turbomachines.


Schlieren image from the Transonic Turbine Cascade


The department is also interested in research on heat transfer phenomena in confined fluid flows (ducts, HVAC, etc.) and around immersed bodies (cooling of hot surfaces, fins, etc.) with a particular focus on thermal and/or solutal buoyancy effects. Research into combustion, internal aerodynamics and heat transfer addresses various aspects of propulsion, and aeronautical propulsion in particular.

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