Ionized Gases, Plasmas and Electric Spacecraft Thrusters

This research field focuses on the fundamental understanding of Ionized gases and Plasma processes in order to apply the concepts to novel high-technology applications. A combination of high-fidelity numerical modeling and simulation methods and experimental testing and characterization are used. Currently, the group is investigating microplasmas (plasmas 1mm) for application in micro and nano- technology systems and advanced spacecraft propulsion; as well as plasma actuators for aerospace applications.

The research involves fruitful collaborations with other academic departments and is well supported by several funding sources. Graduate students and researchers (MASc, PhD and PDF) also participate actively in the research effort via conferences and journal publications.

The research program in the Plasma Research Group is providing valuable insights and providing guidelines to aid in the development of several applications listed below:

  • Electric Propulsion for Spacecraft
  • Ion engine, Hall thruster, Colloid thruster, Hybrid concepts
  • Nano-satellites
  • Micro- and Nano- Technology
  • Microplasmas
  • Active Flow Control for Aerospace applications
  • Plasma and Gas Modeling: Self-Consistent Simulations

For more information please contact Dr. Manish Jugroot.

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