Annual Physics for Defence Lecture 2022


Public Lecture

Physics for Defence Lecture 2022

"Is Space Relevant to the Canadian Armed Forces?"
by Dr. L. Sangalli

Department of Physics and Space Science
Royal Military College of Canada

Friday 1 April 2022, at 13:40
Sawyer Theatre (S 1303)

Contact: LCdr Steve Semenuk (


For most of us, space is a faraway realm, far beyond the Earth, where stars live and die. During most of the history of humanity, it has been a source of wonder and fueled a multitude of myths and legends. That is, until the 20th century. Indeed in the last 70 years, our understanding of space has grown steeply to the point that it is now an integral part of our daily lives. It is still as far away as it ever was, but now, we have developed the technology to reach out to it. Applications have multiplied as we have become more proficient at placing spacecraft into orbit. As a result, space usage is now relevant to individuals, commercial entities and governmental agencies, including the Department of National Defence.


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