First Annual Physics for Defence Lecture


The annual Physics for Defence public lecture presents unclassified research carried out by faculty in the Department of Physics and Space Science, and its connections with the mission of the Department of National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces. .

Public Lecture: Hunting the Sound of Silence: Non-Acoustic Methods of Submarine Detection
Dr. Ron Vincent, RMC

The modern submarine is a stealthy adversary that poses a significant military threat. The standard method of finding a submarine is through the detection of its acoustic signature using hydrophones. However, advances in technology have led to the emergence of virtually silent submarines, rendering acoustic techniques ineffective. This presentation will examine non-acoustic methods of submarine detection that may be employed from an aircraft or satellite.  Topics of discussion include: submarine-induced bioluminescence, the Kelvin wake, and the Bernoulli hump.  The use of blue-green lasers to detect underwater targets is also examined.

Thursday, 7 March, 2019
11:00, Sawyer 1303

Department of Physics and Space Science

Contact: Dr, Gregg Wade 613-541-600 ext. 6140


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