RMC Astronomy Club presentation by Commodore Kurtz


The Commandant of the Royal Military College, Commodore M.T.J. (Josée) Kurtz (OMM, MSC, CD), gave a presentation to the RMC Astronomy Club on 27 October 2021.

Commodore Kurtz spoke on the topic of celestial navigation, and demonstrated the use of the marine sextant for precision measurement of angles.

A former navigator, the Commandant recalled her time as a junior officer posted on Canadian warships at sea.

The presentation, which took place in historic Currie Hall, was the first of several Astronomy Club events scheduled for 2021-2022

Commodore Josée Kurtz, the Commandant of RMC, standing by a slide of a marine sextant explaining its various components and capabilities. DND / Bryce Bennett
The Commandant of RMC, Commodore Josée Kurtz, in front of a slide of a Royal Canadian Navy warship, giving a presentation on celestial navigation. DND / Bryce Bennett
Commodore Kurtz gestures in front of a slide depicting the view through a marine sextant. DND / Bryce Bennett
Commodore Kurtz, speaking with members of the RMC Astronomy Club. DND / Bryce Bennett
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