Physics and Space Science Colloquia

2018 / 2019

The Physics and Space Science colloquia for 2018-2019 will take place Thurdays at 12:30 in Sawyer 3326.

If you have suggestions for speakers, please forward these to the Colloquium Chair, Dr. Kristine Spekkens (

Fall 2018

Date Speaker Organization Subject
13 Sep Dr. Karin Hinzer University of Ottawa Photovoltaics for use in energy conversions: From capturing the sun’s rays to transmitting power optically
20 Sep Dr. Ron Vincent RMC Electro-optical Methods of Submarine Detection
27 Sep Dr. Thomas Krause RMC An Overview of Electromagnetic Inspection Technologies
18 Oct Dr. Sarah Schon Queen`s University Dark matter searches in an astrophysical context
01 Nov Dr. Dan Desjardins RMC Electromagnetic propulsion for a future hyperloop-style transportation system
08 Nov Dr. Toby Brown McMAster University The gas and star formation cycles in nearby galaxies
15 Nov Dr. Regina Lee York University Topics in Space Flight Infrastrucure
22 Nov Dr. Jacques Albert Carleton University From nano-plasmonics to high velocity impact sensing: new applications of optical fiber sensors
29 Nov Dr. Ryan Gregory Guelph University Non-Coding DNA: the Dark Matter of the Genome?

Winter 2019

Date Speaker Organization Subject
10 Jan Dr. Chris Smelser Carleton University Carlton Optical Innovation Laboratory
17 Jan Dr. Rob Scott Université de Bretagne Occidentale, Brest, France A simple general method to visualize curved spacetime using cartographic tools
24 Jan Dr. Anna Crawford DRDC Halifax High Frequency Sonar for Seabed Survey in Mine Countermeasures Operations
31 Jan Dr. Mark Gorski University of Western Ontario Molecular Tracers of Star Formation Feedback in Nearby Galaxies
07 Feb Dr. Kathryn McWilliams University of Calgary Geomagnetic Field-Aligned Currents: Using Radars on the Ground to Estimate Currents Flowing Into and Out of the Earth’s Ionosphere
14 Feb Dr. Peter Dobias DRDC Ottawa From sand piles to magnetic storms and asymmetric warfare
28 Feb Dr. Pavel Samuleev RMC RMC's Slowpoke-2 Reactor
07 Mar Dr. Ron Vincent. RMC Physics for Defence lecture series: Hunting the Sound of Silence: Non-Acoustic Methods of Submarine Detection
14 Mar Alex Cushley RMC Ionospheric Radio Science at RMC
21 Mar Dr. Greg van Anders Queen`s University Physics approaches to design across scales: from colloidal nanomaterials to electric warships
28 Mar PHE/F420 Students RMC Senior Project Presentations
04 Apr PHE/F448 Students RMC Senior Project Presentations


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