Physics and Space Science Colloquia

2021 / 2022

The Physics and Space Science colloquia for 2021-2022 will take place Thurdays at 12:40 - 13:30 on Zoom, or optionally, on Moodle / BigBlueButton.

Any member of the Department may invite guests.  Connection details are provided on Moodle.

If you have suggestions for Colloquium speakers, please forward these to the Colloquium Coordinator, Dr. Bryce Bennett (

Fall 2021

Date Speaker Organization Title / Subject
16 Sept Members of the Department RMC Department of Physics and Space Science Annual Jamboree
14 Oct Capt. Jessie Dumont RMC Semper Supra - Vigilance in the High Frontier
21 Oct Dr. Issouf Kafando RMC Les étoiles bleues de la branche horizontale
04 Nov Dr. Chris Russell University of Delaware Galactic Centre Virtual Reality
18 Nov

Dr. Konstanze Zwintz

University of Innsbruck

Young stars with pulsations: Potential and challenges for pre-main sequence asteroseismology

25 Nov Capt. Jory Korobanik RMC The Effects of Dilution and Applied Pressure on Frustrated Spinels

Winter 2022

Date Speaker Organization Subject
20 Jan Capt. Jeffrey Reinink RMC Radars in Aviation
27 Jan PH 420 Poster Presentations - host: Dr. Kristine Spekkens RMC Ph 420 Poster Presentations

03 Feb

Dr. Jean-François Masson University of Montréal Plasmonics sensors for anything and everything: Maple syrup analysis, COVID-19 immunity, and neurochemistry
10 Feb Dr. Thomas Krause RMC Stress Induced Magnetization of Steel: A Physical Basis for Large Standoff Magnetometry
17 Feb

Dr. Siamak Tafazoli

Canadian Space Agency Spacecraft Attitude Dynamics
10 Mar Maj. Jessica Bosso Canadian Army Doctrine and Training Centre / Canadian Army Command and Staff College Becoming a Master Teacher
17 Mar Mathew Staikos and Erik Stacey RMC CREATE Student Presentations
24 Mar

Capt. Jamie Leibold


A simple optical device for measuring small angles

31 Mar PH 420 Presentations - host: Dr. Kristine Spekkens RMC PH 420 Projects - Student Presentations
07 Apr PH 420 Presentations - host: Dr. Kristine Spekkens RMC PH 420 Projects - Student Presentations
14 Apr PH 448 Presentations - host: Dr. L Sangalli RMC PH 448 Projects - Student Presentations


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