Physics and Space Science Colloquia

2020 / 2021

The Physics and Space Science colloquia for 2019-2020 will take place Thurdays at 13:40 - 14:30 on Zoom, or optionally, on Moodle / BigBlueButton.

Any member of the Department may invite guests.  Connection details are provided on Moodle.

If you have suggestions for Colloquium speakers, please forward these to the Colloquium Coordinator, Dr. Bryce Bennett (

Fall 2020

Date Speaker Organization Subject
17 Sept Members of the Department RMC Department of Physics and Space Science Annual Jamboree
24 Sept Dr Mahyar Mazloumi (postponed to 8 Oct) RMC Hybrid Nanostructures
1 Oct Dr. Ron Vincent RMC Time and Tide: A New Era of Ice Dynamics in the North Water
8 Oct Dr Mahyar Mazloumi RMC Hybrid Nanostructures
5 Nov Dr. Pierre Berini University of Ottawa

Long-Range Surface Plasmon Waveguide Biosensors for Disease Detection

19 Nov Dr. Gregg Wade and Mr. Kevin Woodcock RMC
Tau 9 Eri : discovery of a new short-period intermediate-mass binary system containing a magnetic star

Winter 2021

Date Speaker Organization Subject
28 Jan Dr. Ron Vincent RMC The Spatial Extent of Dust in the Arctic and Antarctic from 2007 to 2019: Trends, Comparisons and the Impact on Polar Amplification
18 Mar Dr. Ribal Georges Sabat RMC

Optical Metasurfaces for Sensing, Imaging and Spectroscopy

25 Mar PH 420 Students / Dr. Kristine Spekkens RMC
PH 420 Presentations
1 Apr PH 420 Students / Dr. Kristine Spekkens RMC PH 420 Presentations
8 Apr PH 448 Students / Dr. Laureline Sangalli RMC PH 448 Presentations
15 Apr Dr. Perryn Bennett RMC

On the Versatility of the CANDU® Eddy Current Gap Probe



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