Physics and Space Science Colloquia


The Physics and Space Science colloquia for Summer 2018 will take place at 9:30 AM in Sawyer 3326.

If you have suggestions for speakers, please forward these to the Colloquium Chair, Capt. Benjamin Nasmith (

Summer 2018

Date Speaker Organization Subject
31 May Dr. Arash Akbari-Sharbaf Université de Sherbrooke Tunable magnetic phase probed by muon spin rotation: From antiferromagnetic order to quantum spin liquid
1 June Dr. Pierre Richard Université de Sherbrooke ARPES: Shining light on Fe-based superconductors
7 June Dr. Yosvany Martinez Meteorological Research Division, Environment Canada Recent Mathematical Advancements in Coupled Hi-Res Dynamical Ocean Models
8 June Dr. Shiliang (Dan) Shan Bedford Institute of Oceanography Applications of Ocean Circulation Models over the Scotian Shelf and adjacent Waters
18 June Dr. Jean-Sébastien Bernier Helmholtz Institite for Radiation and Nuclear Physics - University of Bonn Tailoring the properties of quantum materials: the non-equilibrium route

Fall 2017

Date Speaker Organization Host Subject
14 Sep Capt. Benjamin Nasmith RMC RMC Hypercomplex Numbers Made Simple
21 Sep Maj. John de Boer RMC Capt. Benjamin Nasmith Convection of Ionospheric Density Features
28 Sep Dr. Gregg Wade RMC RMC The BRITE-Constellation nanosatellite space astronomy mission
05 Oct Dr. Antonio Cala' Lesina University of Ottawa Dr. Desjardins Nanoscale Light-Matter Interactions
19 Oct Dr. Ron Vincent RMC RMC Polar Dust Storms: An Investigation of Arctic Aerosols using Satellite Imagery
26 Oct Dr. Carlos Escobedo Queen`s University Dr. Sabat Integrated Microsystems for Biosensing and Cell Studies
2 Nov Dr. Debra Wunch University of Toronto Dr. Desjardins Earth's Carbon Cycle; Orbiting Carbon Observatory (OCO-2)
09 Nov Dr. Guillaume Giroux Queen`s University Dr. Kristine Spekkens Introducing the Canadian Particle Astrophysics Research Centre (CPARC)
16 Nov Dr. Hilding Nielson University of Toronto Dr. Gregg Wade Period Change, Evolution and Atmospheres of Cepheids: new insights into fundamental standard candles
23 Nov Dr. Laureline Sangalli RMC N/A NSERC Collaborative Research and Training Experience Program at RMC
30 Nov Dr. Aroba Saleem RMC Dr. Thomas Krause Effect of Manufacturing on Microstructure and Magnetic Properties of Non-oriented Electrical Steel

Winter 2018

Date Speaker Organization Host Subject
11 Jan Ryan Gregory University of Guelph Dr. Gregg Wade Animal Genomes Large and Small
18 Jan Dr Thomas Krause RMC N/A Micromagnetic Techniques for Characterization of Ferromagnetic Materials
25 Jan Paul Corkum University of Ottawa Capt Daniel Desjardins, PhD Extending the time horizon to attosecond and beyond.
01 Feb Bryce Bennett RMC N/A Time Waits for Gnomon: Sundials, Planetary Spirals, and the History of Science
08 Feb André Longtin University of Ottawa tba Neurophysics and nonlinear dynamics
15 Feb Nicolas Cowan McGill University tba The Climate and Habitability of Short-Period Planets
01 Mar Afshin Shahalizad Namin Queens University Dr. Georges Sabat Organic Light-emitting Diodes (OLEDs): Challenges toward Realizing High-brightness OLEDs and Electrically-pumped Organic Solid-state Lasers
08 Mar Dr. Rob Thacker St. Mary's University Dr. Gregg Wade Mixed-up mixing in Galactic Disks
15 Mar Karin Hinzer (cancelled) University of Ottawa tba Photovoltaics for use in energy conversions: From capturing the sun’s rays to transmitting power optically
22 Mar Michael Greenwood RMC tba The role of iron in biological systems
29 Mar PHE/F448 Students RMC Maj. Richard Van Der Pryt Senior Project Presentations
05 Apr PHE/F420 Students RMC Dr. Michael Stacey Senior Project Presentations


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