Faculty Supervision List - War Studies Programme

ar Studies Graduate Program (Faculty Availabilities for Thesis Supervisions)

  • A full Professor (UT4) should be supervisor or co-supervisor of a PhD Thesis.
  • En (co Fr) means if the language of the thesis is French, the professor can be a co-supervisor only.

Political Sciences

Professor Expertise 1 Expertise 2 Expertise 3 Language
Jane Boulden (UT4) International Relations UN, Peacekeeping Nuclear Weapons En
Christian Breede (UT2) Foreign Policy Social Cohesion Emerging Technology En
Philippe Constantineau (UT4) Ancient Political Philosophy Modern Political Philosophy Contemporary Political Philosophy En/Fr
Ali Ghanbarpour-Dizboni (UT3) Middle East/Muslim World/Canadian Foreign Policy in Middle East Terrorism, political violence, religion Canada Immigration, Religion En/Fr
Pierre Jolicoeur (UT3) Russia / Former Soviet Union Secessionism Cybersecurity/ Social media En/Fr
David Last (UT3) Conflict Resolution/Peace keeping Comparative Politics International Relations En
James McKay (UT3) Coercion The Vietnam War US politics and strategy En
Abdelkérim Ousman (UT3) International Relations theory State theory Public Policy of Defence En/Fr
Beatrice Richard (UT3)        


Professor Expertise 1 Expertise 2 Expertise 3 Language
Randall Wakelam UT3 Air Power Military Education Procurement En/Fr
Magali Deleuze UT3
History of International Relations (XIX-XXs) Post-colonial and Independence Wars History of Peacekeeping Fr (co En)
Jean Lamarre UT4 American Socio-Economic History 19th-20th Century Canadian Socio-Economic History Canadian-American Relations History 19th-20th Century Fr (co En)
Marie-Michèle Doucet UT2 History of France Gender History International Relations En/Fr
Roch Legault UT4 Canadian Military History History of Strategic Thinking (Occident) History of Leadership En/Fr
Howard Coombs UT2 Military Education Canadian Military History Canadian Operations En (co Fr)
Michael Hennessy UT4 US Defence Policy International and Contemporary History ( Naval and Technology) Intelligence En
Doug Delaney UT4 Canadian Military History British Empire History History of First and Second World War En (co Fr)
Kevin Brushett UT2 Canadian History American History Foreign Relations Canada-USA En
Jim Kenny UT4 Modern Canada Environmental History   En
Tania Grodzinski,  Maj UT3 British Army Operations 1660-1858 Naval Strategy, 1755-1982 British Naval Policy in Far East, 1840-1971 En
Arthur Gullachsen, Capt UT2 Canadian Military History German/Europe Military History XXs British History XXs En
David Varey UT2 International Relations 19e-20e century British Foreign Policy   En

French, Literature, and Culture

Professor Expertise 1 Expertise 2 Expertise 3 Language
Isabelle Tremblay UT3 Women Studies Ancien Regime Cultural Imagination Epistolary Novel Fr
Sophie Bastien  UT4 Wars and Cultural Movements     Fr
Soundouss El-Kettani UT3 Colonial Wars Migrant Identities Citizenship and Dictatorship Fr
Mark Benson UT4 Sport and literature French and Quebec War literature French Literature at the Middle Ages Fr
François-Emmanuël Boucher  UT4
(On sabbatical 2019-2020)
Discourses of Extrem Rhetoric Reactionary Movements Religious Fanatism Fr
Stephanie Belanger UT4 Military Identity Justifications of War and Moral Injuries Heroic Representations En/Fr

Military Psychology & Leadership

Professor Expertise 1 Expertise 2 Expertise 3 Language
Bob St John UT4 Psychological Factors in Warfare & Combat psychology. Human performance in military operations. Psychological Factors in Human Conflicts, Perception and cognition. Psychological Factors of Command and Control. Information, disinformation, & propaganda in the military. En
Daniel Lagaçé-Roy UT3 Military Ethics

Psychology of religious conflicts

Organisational Behavior En/Fr
Allister MacIntyre UT4 Psychological Op & Propaganda Advanced Leadership Organisational Behavior En
Sarah Hill, UT3 Gender & Leadership Gender & Operational War Organizational and Military Culture En (co Fr)
Danielle Charbonneau, UT3 Psychological Disorders & War Psychological Disorders & Mental Health   En/Fr
Adelheid Nicol UT4 The psychology of bias: stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination Prejudice and its role in conflict Reduction of prejudice En
Mathieu Gagnon, UT2 Facial expression recognition Communication of emotions Non-verbal behaviour and persuasion En/Fr
Lobna Chérif, UT2 Attention and multitasking in combat Memory and learning in combat Situation awareness and combat decision making En/Fr


Professor Expertise 1 Expertise 2 Expertise 3 Language
Erika Behrisch Elce, UT3 Nineteenth-century British imperial narratives Nineteenth-century British exploration Nineteenth-century British Royal Navy journals En
Chantel Lavoie UT3 18th century British culture Gender studies Childhood studies/child culture En
Huw Osborne  UT3 Modern British literature Anglophone Welsh literature Queer theory En
Andy Belyea UT2 Posthumanism & Human Performance Enhancement Home and Identity Information Operations En

Defence Studies

Professor Expertise 1 Expertise 2 Expertise 3 Language
Philippe Beaulieu-Brossard (UT2) Design Thinking in planning, operations and institutions Sociology of Military Knowledge Theoretical Approaches to Security, Strategy and International Relations En/Fr
Walter Dorn (UT4) Peace and Stabilization Operations Technology and Arms Control United Nations En
Barbara Falk (UT3) Dissent and the politicization of justice during conflict Security and terrorism law and policy International Relations and Cold War History En
Richard Goette (UT3) Air Power and Joint Operations Air Force History Command and Leadership En
Chris Madsen (UT4) Naval History Shipbuilding/Naval Procurement Military Law En
Eric Ouellet (UT4) Organizational Sociology/Sociologie des organisations Non-Conventional Warfare/Guerre non-conventionelle Institutional Analysis/Analyse institutionelle En/Fr
Pierre Pahlavi (UT4) Islamic Republic of Iran and its foreign policy Asymmetric strategies/grey zone and hybrid strategies/warfare Geopolitics and evolution of security and power Fr
Craig Stone (UT3) Defence Economics (Procurement, Industry, Budgets) Defence Policy  Management En

Adjunct Professors ***

Professor Expertise 1 Expertise 2 Expertise 3 Language
Peter Denton (Poli Sci.) UT2 Technology, Warfare and Society Ethics / Religion and War Climate and Security En
Robert Engen (hist.) UT2       En
Meghan Fitzpatrick (hist) UT2 Commonwealth Military and History War and Psychiatry History of Medicine En
Bernd Horn (hist.) UT4       En
Andrew Iarocci (hist.) UT3       En
Benoît Lemay (hist) UT2       En
Colin Magee (leadership) UT2       En
Craig Mantle (hist)       En
Emanuele Sica (hist) UT2 International Relations Military European History First and Second World War En
Emily Spencer (hist.) UT3       En
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