About the Department of English


Since its formation, the Department of English has served the Royal Military College of Canada's educational mandate by offering a broadly based humanities programme focused around the analysis of literary texts. Modeled on its counterparts at other universities, the English programme emphasizes communication and critical thinking skills, integrated with the study of traditional English literature and the literatures of the contemporary world. Through their studies, English students develop both a set of practical skills and an intellectual insight into the social and cultural values that have shaped our civilization in the past and which are an integral part of the dynamic forces shaping our present world. The skills acquired are important tools for professional development, and the knowledge gained provides an intellectual context in which to evaluate and pursue professional activity.

This type of education is especially valuable where leadership demands form a significant part of professional responsibility. Communication skills, thinking skills, and a strong sense of social and cultural identity provide the kind of educational foundation that allows English graduates to pursue successfully leadership positions in the profession of arms, in addition to such careers as Teaching, Law, Business Management, Politics, and Public Administration.

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