English Programme Testimonials

“The English program at RMC taught me three lessons: how to think critically, how to write well, and that academics (contrary to popular belief) can actually be fun and fulfilling. The first two lessons have been indispensable to my military and civilian career. Whatever you know, or however clever you believe your ideas to be is rather meaningless unless they have survived the rigours of logic and critical thought. Moreover, clever ideas are only as effective as they are communicated clearly. The English department will brand these lessons into your cerebral hide and you will be grateful for it. If you’re curious about the world, desire to understand how people work, and prepared to be challenged by thoughtful and tolerant professors, then I would consider enrolling. Life exists outside of CADPAT, weapons drills, and battle procedure. Strive to understand how the rest of the world lives.”

Matthew Zelina, former English major

"My education at RMC, particularly in English Literature, set me up to be successful in the field of emergency medicine. The consistent analysis of a plethora of texts has given me an exceptional ability to seek out, parse, and analyze the deluge of often conflicting information that a practitioner of emergency medicine must incorporate into their treatment plans to provide life-saving care. In addition, the level of participation encouraged within English classes taught me vital networking and professional discussion skills—something that is indispensable in hospitals where a vast array of health-care professionals with different skill sets collaborate in chaotic situations."

Jacob Charbonneau, former English major

"I feel incredibly fortunate to have studied with such a great department, and to have enjoyed all four years of the degree. While little attention is placed on what you studied after graduation, people may ask from time to time, is an English degree relevant? Aside from the fact that you will read a fair bit of military literature, is the degree useful in the CF?

After you graduate, I've noticed the only thing as important as your ideas is how you communicate them with colleagues. Whether you choose to pursue a career in the CF or elsewhere after graduation, the skills taught in the English program at RMC will help you to communicate effectively with superiors and subordinates alike - and you will be writing to them a lot! After four years of creating and supporting arguments on a broad range of subjects, I believe this program leaves graduates well prepared for a bunch of management and leadership positions; ultimately, it's another great tool RMC will give you that you can rely on as you enter the workforce.

And you get to read a ton of great books too!"

Andrew Sheahan, former English major
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