Executive Summary Report on the English Programme


In accordance with the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC) Institutional Quality Assurance Plan (IQAP), the Department of English submitted the Programme Self-Study report in August 2015. For the programmes under review - the BA Honours, the major, and the minor in English - it contained the degree-level expectations for these programmes, an analytical assessment of the programmes, course outlines, programme-related data, survey data from the Office of Quality Assurance and appendices with sample examinations and CVs of faculty members. One arm’s-length external reviewer (Dr. Margaret Steffler, Trent University) and an internal reviewer (Dr. Gordon Wight, RMC of Canada) were selected from a list of possible reviewers and approved by the Deans’ Council. They reviewed the self-study documentation and conducted a site visit to RMC on 29 and 30 October 2015. The visit included interviews with the Dean of Arts (Interim), Vice-Principal Academic, Head of English, Chief Librarian, as well as several civilian and military members of the English faculty, and several students in the programmes. The ERC subsequently produced a report in January 2016 based on the Self-Study and site visit. The report was circulated to department members and discussed with members of the English faculty.


The ERC identified a number of strengths of the English Programmes including a Department that was highly motivated and passionate about its role and about its understanding of the profession of arms; cohesive, collegial and conscientious; and pursuant of excellence in teaching, scholarship, service and administration. There was confidence and respect in the Department for lower-level leadership at the institution. Students and graduates were very satisfied with their programme, appreciating such innovations as chats on Moodle, creative assignments, a passion for literature and culture, accessible faculty, open mindedness and “thinking outside the box.” Areas for concern included a need for a higher level of administrative support; development and promotion of the department; and curriculum and DLEs.


The Department Head, after consultation with faculty and staff in the programme, submitted a response to the Reviewers’ Report in March 2016. The Interim Dean of Arts in consultation with the Heads (current and acting) of the Department prepared the Final Assessment Report in May 2016. Specific recommendations are discussed, and follow-up actions and timelines provided.

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