MBA Course Offerings

The academic year is divided into seven blocks (each consisting of 6 weeks of course, plus 1 week for the exam at the end of each block). Each block is inserted either in the Fall, Winter or Summer term. The programme starts in Block 1. The yearly academic programme contains a two weeks pause at the end of December and one week pause during July. There is no February Reading Week.

Table 1

Block Course Start MBA1 MBA2
1 29 July 2019 MBA525 MBA531
2 16 September 2019 MBA521 MBA595
3 4 November 2019 MBA527 MBA569
4 6 January 2020 MBA507 MBA529
5 24 February 2020 MBA537 MBA593
6 13 April 2020 MBA555 MBA561
7 1 June 2020 MBA501 MBA503

Full time students:

Full time students will take two (2) courses as listed under MBA1 and MBA2 simultaneously from block 1 to block 7.(See Table 1 - MBA1 and MBA2)

Part time students:

Part time students will normally take one (1) course only, as listed under MBA1 successively from block 1 to block 7.  For year 2, part-time students will take one (1) course only as listed under MBA2 successively until completion of MBA2 and end of programme.

For more information please contact:

MBA Programme Advisor

Call toll free: 1-800-352-8979 exr 3573

Or locally: 613-541-6000 ext 3573

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