MBA Course Offerings

The academic year is divided into seven blocks (each consisting of 6 weeks of course, plus 1 week for the exam at the end of each block). Each block is inserted either in the Fall, Winter or Summer term. The programme starts in Block 1 (Summer 2). The yearly academic programme contains a two weeks pause at the end of December and one week pause during July. There is no February Reading Week.

Table 1

Block Corresponding Terms Course Start MBA1 MBA2
1 Summer 2 24 July 2017 MBA525 MBA595
2 Fall 1 11 September 2017 MBA521 MBA531
3 Fall 2 30 October 2017 MBA527 MBA569
4 Winter 1 1 January 2018 MBA507 MBA529
5 Winter 2 19 February 2018 MBA537 MBA593
6 Winter 3 9 April 2018 MBA555 MBA561
7 Summer 1 28 May 2018 MBA501 MBA503

MBA505 Management Research Study (requirements)

Full time students:

Full time students will take two (2) courses as listed under MBA1 and MBA2 simultaneously from block 1 (Summer 2) to block 7 (Summer 1).

Part time students:

Part time students will take one (1) course only, as listed under MBA1 successively from block 1 (Summer 2) to block 7 (Summer 1). For year 2, part-time students will take one (1) course only as listed under MBA2 successively until completion of MBA2 and end of programme.

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