New RMC officer cadets given tools to succeed at university


With the obstacle course successfully behind them, first-year officer cadets at the Royal Military College (RMC) were given a helping hand last weekend to help overcome a bigger obstacle – their university studies.

On Saturday, Sept 22, the College’s Academic Wing, in conjunction with RMC’s College Success Centre and the Health Promotions team, conducted a first-ever Academic Orientation Programme for all officer cadets in their first year at RMC.

The day-long event was designed to provide officer cadets with the tools they will need for success in RMC’s rigorous academic programmes.

“As a university mandated to both provide post-secondary education as well as prepare officers for service in the Canadian Armed Forces, we recognize our students must overcome unique demands during their first weeks and months at RMC, said Dr. Phil Bates,  Vice-Principal Academic at RMC.

“We hope this program will help them know they are not alone in making this transition, and that the College has the student resources and support staff needed to help them make the most of their time at RMC.”

Presentations included seminars and briefings about stress management; how to access services provided by the RMC Writing and Math Centres; research support available at the RMC library; and academic integrity in a university environment.

Sessions also included tips for note taking (and the usefulness of writing notes rather than typing), advice for how best to study for exams, and how to set yourself up for success in the exam hall.

The briefings, provided in English and French, were supplemented by testimonials from senior officer cadets who were able to comment from personal experience on the advice being given.

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