The Director of Cadets - questions from parents

Question 1:  When will the exam schedule be available?

Exams will be 7-19 Dec inclusive. Students are able to add courses until 29 Sep (week 4). Departments have until 6 Oct (week 5) to provide the instructors’ exam info (2 weeks to gather the info). The timetable scheduler reviews the information and follows up with departments and then produces a draft which he sends to departments for review (week 7). Final exam schedule will be published on 27 Oct (week 8)  See also Undergraduate Calendar 2017-2018

Question 2: Can students receive additional academic assistance?

On Monday afternoon during the normal sport period professors will always be available to students who requires additional assistance. In addition, teaching is something that RMC Professors take very seriously.  Unlike most other universities, classes at RMC are small (< 60 students) which allows the professor to know the students.  Therefore, students who are struggling in their courses should first approach their instructor. These people will be able to provide course-specific support to the student or direct them to additional help.  Academic examples of this additional assistance include the RMC Writing Centre, and the Math Centre that will be starting up again in October.   Should the students still feel like their academic needs are not being met, I would encourage them to contact their Department Head.  As first-year students have not yet been assigned to a Department, they should contact their Dean.  Asking for help (academic or otherwise) is a good thing and is fully encouraged.  Students who want to learn and who take ownership of their university education will be provided with all the support required to succeed.

Question 3: Are weekends free?

At RMC some weekends are considered duty weekends and officer cadets will be required to work on those weekends. However, many weekends are not duty weekends and officer cadets can leave the campus and return home if they wish. Duty weekends for 2017-2018 academic year are as follows:

11-12 November
Remembrance Day
2 December
Christmas Concert
7-19 December
Exam Period
13-14 January
Supplementary Exams will be Duty for Some
20-21 January
RMC/West Point weekend
18 March
Iron Ring Ceremony
24 March
Concert in Scarlets
31 March- 1 April
MOC weekend
16- 27 April
Exam routine

See also Undergraduate Calendar 2017-2018

Question 4: Is the Basic Military swim test essential to graduate from RMC?

It is a requirement for any adventure training around water, but it is not a requirement for graduation from RMC.

Question 5: Swim testing/assistance for pilots?

The swim test at basic training is the extent of swimming proficiency for pilots. Although, helicopter pilots have to successfully pass the dunk trainer. Participants strap into helicopter fuselage and it rides a rail into a big water tank. It rolls as it enters the water and the occupants have to unstrap and get out. Swimming is not tested but a level of comfort in the water has to be expected. Multiengine and fighter pilots do not have the same requirements.

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