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The Division of Continuing Studies (DCS) is located on the campus of the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC) in Kingston, Ontario. DCS offices are presently relocated in the Temporary Academic Facility (R92) at 8 Precision Drive, Rooms SSC04, SSC06, SSC08 and SSC10 until renovations to the Mackenzie Building are completed. Office hours are 08:00 to 16:00 hrs (Eastern Standard Time), Monday through Friday.

Distance Education Course Support

Exam Coordinator

Isaac Gilbert, Exam Coordinator
613 541-6000 ext 3855, CSN 271-3855

DCS (Technical) Support

Murray Anderson, Database Administrator
613-541-6000, ext 6333, CSN 271-6333

Undergraduate Studies

Undergraduate Students A-K

Brenda Piazza, Programme Representative
613-541-6000, ext 6797, CSN 271-6797
Fax: 613-540-8075

Undergraduate Students L-Z

Wendi Winter, Programme Representative
613-541-6000, ext 6798, CSN 271-6798
Fax: 613-540-8075

Prior Learning Assessment & Recognition

613-541-6000, ext 6855, CSN 271-6855
Fax: 613-541-6706

Sponsored Students

Louise Matte
613-541-6000, ext 6734, CSN 271-6734

General UG Enquiries

(Canada and the United States) 1-800-352-8979
Fax: 613-540-8075

Graduate Studies

MPA Programme

Georges Lachance, Programme Representative
613-541-6000, ext 6862, CSN 271-6862
Fax: 613-540-8075

MBA Programme

Cathy Teepell, Programme Representative
613-541-6000, ext 3991, CSN 271-3991
Fax: 613-540-8075


War Studies Programme

Danielle Tardif-Smith, Programme Representative
613-541-6000, ext 3724, CSN 271-3724
Fax: 613-541-6219

To Reach Us

Mailing Address:

Division of Continuing Studies
Royal Military College of Canada
PO Box 17000, Station Forces
Kingston, ON K7K 7B4

Physical Address:

Division of Continuing Studies
Royal Military College of Canada
8 Precision Drive, Temporary Academic Facility (R92)
Rooms SCC04, SSC06, SSC08 and SSC10
Kingston, ON K7K 7B4


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