Terms of Reference (DSS)

  1. Prior to the start of each academic year one Departmental Senior Student will be appointed by the respective Head of Department to represent each of the following departments/programmes:
    1. Business Administration (MBA);
    2. Civil Engineering;
    3. Chemical Engineering;
    4. Computer Science and Math;
    5. Defence Management and Policy (MA DMP);
    6. Electrical and Computer Engineering;
    7. Mechanical Engineering;
    8. Physics;
    9. War Studies;
    10. Undergraduate Degree Completion Programmes; and
    11. Applied Military Science.
  2. Members selected for the position of Departmental Senior Student will be full time students who should normally be in their second year of studies at RMC and who are willing to do the job. In addition, the Departmental Senior Student will typically be the senior ranking military officer who meets these criteria.
  3. The Departmental Senior Student's responsibilities will include:
    1. ensuring that appropriate personnel are available to perform duties assigned by the CO Senior Students, Military Academic Staff or the Senior Student (e.g. assisting with the conduct of laboratories or tutorials, hosting visitors to RMC, Assisting Officer duties, etc.);
    2. enforcing the dress policy among military members;
    3. liaison with the Senior Student, as required;
    4. attendance at Senior Student Committee meetings;
    5. conducting meetings with students within the department, as required, to disseminate military, administrative, and academic information of a general nature;
    6. representing military and administrative needs/concerns of the students within the department; and
    7. communicating general or departmental-wide academic concerns to the Head of Department.
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