Terms of Reference (SS)

  1. A senior military post graduate (Snr Mil PG) student will be appointed by the CO prior to the start of each academic year. He/she will be a commissioned officer enrolled as a full time student in a postgraduate or degree completion programme, and will typically be in his/her second year of studies.
  2. The primary role of the Snr Mil PG student is to maintain an efficient flow of communication between the CO and the PG/degree completion student body. In particular, the Snr Mil PG Student shall be responsible to the CO for the following:
    1. communicating issues raised by the CO to the mil PG and degree completion students through Departmental Snr Mil PG Students;
    2. representing concerns raised by PG and degree completion students of a general academic, administrative or military nature, to the CO and/or Vice-Principal of Research & Dean of Graduate Studies , as appropriate;
    3. liaising with Departmental Snr Mil PG Students to ensure that military students are available to perform duties assigned by the CO via the SA to the Principal (e.g. hosting visitors to RMC, invigilating special events such as leadership symposiums, performing Assisting Officer duties, serving on committees such as the Unit Fund Committee, etc.);
    4. chairing the Senior Military Student Committee;
    5. serving as a member of the College Activity Coordinating Committee;
    6. coordinating in concert with the civilian Senior Student certain special events such as the PG Orientation Day; and
    7. performing other duties assigned by the CO .
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